Cats cut Jalen Saunders

Surprising. Must be injury related.

Probably correct.

Alternative theories:

  • Confirmation that the ratio doesn’t change under the new CBA means we plan to start two Canadian receivers
  • He was due for a reporting bonus at training camp
  • Not Tommy’s guy
  • In the post-June Jones era, we now want taller receivers

I liked Jalen - thought he had a very good rookie season and looked even better last year before his injury.

Also, I wish our team wasn’t the one that keeps reneging on deals signed by veteran players in good faith. I’d feel better if it was the Argos doing that.

Don’t see us starting 2 Cdn receivers. And in any case, he’d still be out for 1/2 the year. He’d be on the 6 game, so his salary wouldn’t count against the cap.

Need more info.

Indeed. He was re-signed for this season, on Dec. 21/18 and they knew, then, the severity of his Labour Day injury Sad, certainly for Jalen, and for us fans unless there’s some “arrangement” that will retain his loyalty and see him re-signed, when he’s ready to play again.

That just sucks. :frowning:

I hope it is just a paper transaction for whatever reason (Salary Cap related??) and the team resigns him and puts him on the injury list once the season starts

I think when healthy , Saunders is a top 10 receiver in this league and may have lead the league had he not gotten injured.I hope this is just a paper txn and that he will sign back by labor day.
If they don’t resign him then this is not a smart move.
There is no way that they will go with 2 national receivers.
The wr they just signed Justin Thomas looks like a really good athlete from Georgia Tech and Dontre Wilson has a good shot at starting and Tucker who spent years with the steelers could have a shot… I would really like to see them bring in a good running back after cutting Alex Green. Cam Marshall might be ok but not great. Justin Stockton was brought in then cut and he had a great University career at Texas Tech.
I think June Jones should have not bailed on us right before the season starts and when Masoli. Banks, Tasker could have hit the ground running.
I wonder if Condell may try to bring in players he worked with before like Bkari Grant , Chris Williams, or Tolliver.

Bold statement of the day: Perhaps they’re making room for Chapman.

Saunders not going to play until at least Labour Day. He was great while healthy but they’re paying for him whether he plays or not, though would not count against salary cap until on main roster. Maybe they think Chapman can come in (eventually?) and they want to give Saunders a chance to find a new team and that’s why they released him now.

I have zero evidence/inside information to support this, but it seems too weird to cut one of their best receivers, even though he wouldnt play until after Labour Day (or affect the salary cap), without someone filling void. Could likely just be new OC and therefore wants his guys, but are there any remaining FA receivers who we would bring in this late in the game whom we may not have considered before? Saunders’ injury isnt new news, you’d think they would have thought about this transaction earlier on if they had someone in mind who was available. Perhaps that person in mind now is?

Bakari Grant?? Ernest Jackson?? Uhmm Chris Williams??

Bryant Mitchell is a FA

Likeliest possibility mentioned so far.

Is Marquay McDaniel still available?

Saunders would be an excellent player for the Red Farts to pickup and make
us look really bad again, their GM just loves doing that. >:( >:(


Fun fact: six former 1,000-yard receivers who were in a Ticats uniform or practice roster in 2018 have not been invited back. J. Saunders, C. Williams, T. Toliver, T. Sinkfield, M. McDaniel, C. Owens.

Owens? ;D

We don’t need any of the aforementioned retreads. We are loaded at receiver. Addison, Banks, Jones, Tasker, Chambers. The new kid we took high in the draft this year. Possibly Chapman (I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him). Plus, I’m sure there are a few quality burners among the other new import WR’s Barker brought to Hamilton this year.

Saunders is a hell of a player when healthy, and I hope we see him back in Hamilton once he’s fully healed, but receiver is not a weak position on this ball club.

Great post.

With the exception of a healthy Saunders I’m not sure the other 5 could combine for 1000 yds this year.

8 win season and completely outclassed in the final ?
There had better be a whack of players not asked back