Cats Claws Walk of Fame Dinner

Cats Claws Fan Club is proud to announce the induction of Carl Coulter to the Cats Claws Walk of Fame, and Sandy Beveridge as the Charlotte Simmons Humanitarian Award winner.

A dinner in their honour will be held Friday, May 28th at Michaelangelos Banquet Center on Upper Ottawa Street in Hamilton. Doors will open at 6:00 p.m. and cocktails will be served at this time. Dinner will start at 7:00 p.m. Tickets for this dinner will be sold for $60.00 per person.

For reservations and information please contact Carol Rose by phone at 905-664-6117, or by e-mail at

Time is running out - reserve your ticket today by emailing or by calling 905-664-6117 or 905-538-4257

Come hear Danny McManus tell stories about Carol Coulter!

Remember, proceeds go toward sending our local under priviledged children to the TiCats home games.

Kick off the football season by going to the Walk of Fame Dinner. It is bound to be an entertaining night with Carl Coulter being inducted into the Walk of Fame and Sandy Beveridge receiving the Charlotte Simmons Award. So what are you waiting for? Get a ticket and don't you dare miss it!

I have attended a number of the Cats Claws Walk of Fame Dinners and I have never been disappointed. It is an outstanding event at a very reasonable cost. The food is always great and there are numerous Ti-Cat players past and present that attend the event each and every year. They are always willing to chat with the fans and sign autographs. It's just a fun night. If you are a Ti-Cat fan my advice to you is to try and make this event, you will enjoy it and you will be helping an unprivileged kid at the same time. Oskee-wee-we

Looking forward to getting reacquainted with old football family, players and of course the silent auction table!
Love the CC dinner, always a great time!

I will see ya' there, Jare. Wouldn't miss it for the world.

Come on out, folks. I assume tickets are still available.

So Carl became CAROL???

And Danny is going to tell stories about this?????? :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Note to administrators.... please let this one get by!!!!!

Carl (Carol) Coulter’s plaque will be unveiled this morning at IWS @ 10:30, the unveilings are generally pretty quick and informal but it would be nice to see a few fans show up to give back a little support for a man that gave it all when he played here.
Congrats Carl, well earned and well deserved.

What a GREAT DINNER and evening. Carl could be a professional motivational was funny, informative and interesting. I didn't know that he was left-handed. He had to learn to snap right-handed in a week after finding out a right handed snapper was needed. It gave him his shot.

The "surprise guests" :wink: were a bonus! :thup:

Surprise us please

If you have never attended one of these functions...I encourage you to do it. It's a nice informal situation where you can share a chat and a drink with present and former players and coaches.

In addition to Sandy Beveridge and Carl Coulter were George Hudson, "Danny Mac", Dennis McPhee, Joe Paopao, and Dave Hack just to mention a few.

I'll second that. . . for a very reasonable price, you get a great dinner and very pleasant company. It's well worth attending, this year was our second year in a row. We'll keep coming back for sure. If you live in Hamilton, this is a must.

It is so great to see in their eyes and words the love and respect

that these former team-mates developed in their years together,

and to hear the humorous stories they tell about each other.

A theme developed about what leadership is...leading by example...

young players listening to what veteran leaders had to say...doing

whatever a veteran team-mate'll be their turn soon enough,

Carl told us a story of Coach Lancaster asking anybody on the team
if they had any words to say after coach made his pre-game speech

before the first game of the 1998 season, after losing the Grey Cup

game to Calgary the year before by a late game field goal.

Carl said he stood up and said 'nobody %^#@*& touchess number 14

whether it's on the practice field or on the field during a game.

If that happens Dave Hack is going to whack the @%#@%** out of you.

Sure enough somebody knocked Danny on the practice field

and Dave went over and told the guy, I have to do this
because "Cooler" told me I have to do, it don't blame me,

and preceded to knock that player around. :smiley: :smiley: :lol: :rockin:

Was Ozzy able to attend?

Sounds like a good time was had by all :slight_smile:

No Ozzy couldn't attend, neither could
Mike Morreale and Rob Hitchcock.

Apparently, they work for the same firm unfortunately
they were all out-of-town for business conference.

Thanks Ron........that's a shame.......but knowing the three of them well, it must have been unavoidable. I'm sure they were there in spirit.

I can certainly vouch for their attendance at the conference as I was there as well. Ironically on my flight back there was none other than the Argonaut's coach on that flight. I was going to wear one of my Ticat golf shirts for the ride home and I wish I had. He had headphones on but I would have gotten his attention regardless pointed at the Ticat logo and indicated that we were number 1. No reason to exchange any conversation with him otherwise.