Cats Claws Toronto Bus Trip

Cats Claws Toronto Bus Trip
Friday, October 23rd
Price: $40.00 (includes return transportation and game ticket)
Bus leaves Eastgate Square (near Sears) at 5pm SHARP!

For reservations & information please contact trip co-ordinator Carol Rose 905-664-6117 or email

Okay, Thanks

.....I'm done spending money with CFL teams this year......and I won't give the Argo's my hard earned $$$$ :cowboy:

I am not wasting my money or time going to see what will be crappy game betwenn the two worst teams in the league.

You talk a big game cattmann77....

You won't waste your $$ by going to Toronto, but will fork over the coin to go to Montreal? Great poker face...


I am not going to Montreal either, why waste the time on this sorry excuse for a "team".

I will there this weekend without a doubt. I go to every ticat home game and when we play in Toronto and Montreal.

Oskee Wee Wee…

I too will be going to Montreal and Toronto. If you haven't noticed, I have been a little too emotional on the forums but that has stopped. I will be the diehard, hardcore fan that I am and will be there to support them to the end.

That's good to hear Cattman77 - I remember the old Pigskin walking down the rows at Ivor Wynne one year back in the early 90's and said Ticat fans never give up, watch we'll turn it around.

it can happen

I agree! Ti-Cats SUCK!

The Argos always have and will always SUCK!!!!

KILLTHE BOATMEN :twisted: :thdn: (leaky boatmen)

...Got offered 3 free tickets for tomorrow nights game ..... and turned them down, but I'll be sitting by an open fire watching the boys on the 'ol TV.....ahhhhhhhhhh baby!


two plus hours on the bus ... snow on the highway ... ditzy toronto drivers stopping dead in traffic to use their cellphone and blocking the bus ... driving pounding rain downtown ... but:

too many first downs to count, three sacks by hickman, big plays when we needed it equal one big fat satisfying win.
all in all, a memorable night.