Cats Claws Fan Club Toronto Bus Trip

The Cats Claws Fan Club Toronto bus trip will take place on Friday, September 11th for the Labour Day rematch against the Argonauts.

Tickets are $40.00 per person, which ncludes round trip transportation and game ticket.
The Bus will leave Eastgate Square (near Sears) at 5pm sharp for 7pm kick-off.

For more information or to book your seats, contact Carol Rose at 905-664-6117 or

What section are the seats in?

If we keep playing the way were playing and the Argos keep sucking this could be a great game for a bus load of us to go to. Lots of chirping and Chanting Argos suck.
Just wondering if this is restricted to one bus or are you waiting to see how many sign up then booking the buses?

theyre usually in the 200 level across from the jumbrotron

There will be enough buses to transport those who buy tickets.

Getting a 2nd or 3rd bus will be determined by the number of tickets sold.

Cats Claws Fan Club

Sounds good........ :thup:

emailing now I want in on this one.

We might have to fight are way out but sounds like great fun :rockin:

Those bus trips to Toronto are indeed great fun........The Cats Claws have always done a superb job in running these excursions.
And for $40.00 it covers everything !....round trip and ticket (sitting with fellow Ticats fans)....that's a bargoooooon in my opinion.

When is the latest I can have my money in!? I go away Camping this month with no pay, and its going to be tuff going to the labour day game AND a game the next week!..*thank god I'm going on the cats Bi week :smiley:

If your pressed for time or can't make these plans work you can go yourself for just as cheap. GO train from Burlington is $15 round trip and endzone's at the dome are 20 bucks, so that's $35! See you there.

Yeah, if any fan or organizer knows where your tickets will be, please let me know! I live in Toronto, so the bus trip isn't very logical for me, but I would like to sit near some Tiger-Cat fans when I go to the game!

Oskee Wee Wee!

  • paul

There is a bunch of us sitting in Section 134D

Hi, there are 5 or more of us interested. Specifically where are these seats? Is everyone sitting together or just random bunches of tickets bought around the stadium. Would be fun if one large section sat together. What is the dead line? I will know by the end of the week how many will go.

Will be making my own way to the Skydome for the game, wondering what section other cats fans will be sitting in so we can get a good crowd atmosphere going

134 D is on the visitors side, any thing behind the visitors bench is good ! :thup:

Folks!!! Definitely going to be down there.

Also to let everyone know, there's a Boxing event being held outside Gate 11...where a Hamilton boxer - who's the sparring partner of a certain poster on this forum -- will be fighting.

Should be a pretty cool tune up for the big game. Can cheer on some Hammertown battler's before kick-off!!!

Is Tueday the last day to get a spot on the bus?

Yes - The cutoff for reserving your spot on the bus trip will be Tuesday @ 6pm

Email Bus Trip co-ordinator Carol Rose at or call 905-664-6117

Karen Ironside
Cats Claws Fan Club

I've emailed and called and haven't gotten a response. Any spots left?

It's too bad I couldn't have gotten a response anyway.

We are working on returning all calls tonight. If you've left a message or emailed someone will get back to you soon.