Cats Claws Fan Club 2010 Walk Of Fame

The Cats Claws Fan Club announce the following nominations for the 2010 Walk of Fame Induction:

Carl Coulter
Seth Dittman
Joe Montford
Joe Hagins

The online votes will be tallied along with the club membership votes to determine the eventual honouree. Online voting will conclude on Saturday, February 20.

Walk of Fame inductee and Dinner details will be announced in early March.

For further information, or club membership inquiries, please e-mail:

Done :smiley: .......Carl "Cooler" Coulter is my vote

For once we agree Deerhunter ...

when he was playing Still He was a Teacher In Burlington ...
was a Teacher for my Youngest Brother.
Great Guy who is should be on the wall

two tiger-cats from this list are walk worthy.
carl 'cooler' coulter and joe montford.
my vote goes to joe: in his prime he was the most exciting player in pro football.
and coulter, i think, will eventually go up as well. just not this year.
neither hagins nor dittman played here long enough, although both contributed greatly to great ticat teams. who could ever forget joe 'special' hagins' great catch over the middle on barron miles that put us in the cup...
it should be a great night put on by the cats claws. can hardly wait! (besides, i think training camp opens just about then...)

I thought the walk of fame was more for fan favourite type players, not superstar all-stars like Joe Montford. Montford is going to be on the Wall of Honour eventually, so let's get someone else on the walk of fame. I'm voting for Coulter.

Me too, so I voted for Carl Coulter.

I always thought of Joe Monford as a fan favourite. I assume that you don't. Based on what exactly? The fact he was a great player actually MAKES him a fan favourite to most fans

Historically, players voted to be on the WaLK of Fame have not necessarily been all stars
but 'fan favourites,' popular because of their enthusiasm and work ethic like Lee Knight.

Quite frankly, due to the cost of getting these players here to be honoured
those chosen usually had post career homes not too far away from Hamilton.

Fan Club generally don't have the money to buy plane tickets etc.


This thread was started by a Ticat employee.

Now, if the Ticats are covering these costs
maybe they won't be a problem any more.

Awe so you really meant that you chose Carl because you assume he's more available. I get that. It does not hurt to ask the others tho

You got it.

A President of the Cats Claws Fan Club I can assure you that this thread was started by a staff member at our request.