Cats Claws Dinner

A big thanks go out to Carol Rose and all the members of the committee who put together another fantastic evening. The honourees, Paul Osbaldiston, Mike Morealle, and Rob Hitchcock, were well deserving. Seeing so many former Ticats in attendance was great. Nick Setta and Peter Diakowsky were also in attendance to represent the current players. Thanks again for all your hard work. :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Don't forget Tony Miles.

And I concur, it was a great event. Kudos to the organizers.

I would like to personally thank Pigskin Pete for taking on some last minute tasks. Much appreciated.

I just want to echo the thanks to Carol and Pat and others involved from Cats Claws for making this the wonderful event it was. All of the speakers did a great job, the meal was very good, and Ken Welch did a great job as emcee

The Dinner was a big Success.
This is a big Thanks to all that attended.
Also thank you for the great post.
I will tell you more when we make the final count.
Take care everyone. pat_cat :rockin:

Great job by Carol, Pat and their committee.
I particularly enjoyed the speeches and I would also give honourable mention to our new Pigskin Pete. He took command of his audience, was funny, and handled the auction exceptionally well. This guy's a natural for the job.

One suggestion: (definitely not a criticism)
There are enough current and former celebrities in the room to seat a couple of them with fans at every table. Why not consider this?

Great event as always.

Thanks for putting in all
the time and effort guys.

Were Paul’s team-mates all too shy
except Danny Mac and Dale Sanderson?

Is that why they didn’t go up to the mike?

Or were they too wrapped up in
catching up with there buddies?

The more stories I hear from team-mates
spilling the beans about wild and crazy,

and downright hilarious experiences
from their old playing days the better.