Cats Claws bus trip?

Will the Cats Claws put together a bus trip for Saturday's game? Have they already done so and I haven't heard?

Hey Mike! The Cats Claws club does have buses running this Saturday. You can contact Carol Rose at or 905 664-6117. I called and reserved 3 spots tonight. I could be wrong, but I thought she said they are now filling a 7th bus load. She stated that Thursday is deadline for $ to be given to her, $55 for a ticket and bus there and back, leaves eastgate outside of the sears parking lot at 2pm.

Hope this helps!

If you don't want to do the bus I'm sure there will also be a ton of people taking the Go train down. I really hope we can pack the place on Saturday afternoon!

Anyone know what section they’ll be in? I live in Toronto these days so not much point taking the bus, though I’d love to sit with the group.

Anywhere on the Ticats side will be packed with fans, but they will most likely be in one of the corners.

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And there certainly is LOTS of availability on the visitors side. Come on Cats fans - this game is HUGE!

Last game at SkyDump was Huge and NOBODY went :roll: Argos have also jacked ticket prices this year :x No wonder nobody goes :thdn: plus SkyDump is exactly who we thought it was ? A Dump :stuck_out_tongue:

Not making any excuses :oops: but as the last game was on a work day (Friday) for me it would have been too much to go. As I don't work on Saturdays I plan to pay $55.00 for the bus trip and a game ticket and cheer on the Cats to victory this time. I don't care if it is in a Dump, my team is playing and they need my support.

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Well said Mike. I live in Victoria, BC and wish I could be on that bus too. I did see one game when the Cats played in Vancouver.
I hope a large group of fans show up just like the Eastern final last year.
Tigers Eat 'Em Raw!!

I wouldn't say NOBODY went. There was one bus from Cats Claws and I was on it with my wife and friends. Going to Saturday's (even more) important game with the wife and 8 other friends. I hear they have at least 6 buses this time. I've been to every game this year including the pre-season game at McMaster. The only local game I missed was the Varsity Stadium game.

We need to pack the SkyDump with Ticat fans this time!!

I think last years playoff game was a one time event with a few contributing factors which allowed for a large crowd.

1 - Not everyone could get to a game in Guelph, and this was the best time to get to a game for 2013
2 - Playoff game
3 - More entertaining football being played, you can't say that about this year. Do people want to go for a 16-6 game potentially? This should be high scoring though.
4 - Lots of momentum from the win in the Semi-Final, I am sure quite few were convinced to by after that game

I think another reason not many people are going is that there is no real rivalry anymore. I haven't been a fan for too long, since 2009, and even since then things have died down.

As much as the East Final last year was amazing, it also became painfully obvious there are very few Argos fans left that care about the team. Hard to get excited about a rivalry when it is so one sided. It takes two to have an important rivalry, and not just the teams, the fans as well.

$55 for a bus ride and a ticket is a great deal however, and this really is an important game. Hope more make it, hopefully they can have at least 20k people there.

eek. there is a lot left.. maybe we are taking the "its our home game" to seriously and started buying tickets on the wrong side of the stadium? lol

lots of time to buy. i shoulda just went with my first thought and just did the walk up thing.