Cats' Claws bus trip?

When will the details be posted for next Sunday?

I had emailed Carol 2 weeks ago and she was finalizing pricing in case the ticats made it.

I just emailed and asked if she had any details.

Will update if I hear anything.

Probably a big crowd. Ticket master was overloaded.

We have 8 confirmed.

Here is the link with all the info-

The information was posted on their website on November 2nd in the event the team won.

Leaving Eastgate Square, off the Kenora (western) entrance @ 10:30 a.m.

$55.00 per person for members (bus and ticket)
$60.00 per person for non members (bus and ticket)

Contacts to book are listed on the website.
brad2322 wrote: Probably a big crowd. Ticket master was overloaded.
Can't imagine if this was being played in an intimate great sightlines gridirons specific outdoor stadium. Wow! I'd be there asap, Guelph was amaaaaazing today, loved it, so much fun I'm tickling myself actually just thinking about being there today. Hopefully that will happen some time for the Argos, the do deserve it, in the not too distant future. For those of you going to Toronto though that like the RC, have a great time and hopefully we'll come out on top again.

Mike'll be going if his brother-in-law Kent - no not that one - also wants to go. I just emailed him the link that was provided. I hope he says yes. :wink:

is that 8 buses? i've never been on a cats claws one before. how many on a bus?

....and i forgot, what sections do the package usually include?

Sorry, I meant 8 confirmed people for our group.

The most I've ever seen is 2 buses I think. I believe about 45-50 to a bus.

There was a game in the '90s with something like 18 buses from the Cats Claws.
Can't remember if it was 98/99, or the 96 Dunigan vs Flutie game.

I talked with Carol earlier tonight she has about 300 going at this point.
Does anyone remember the sections. She told me and and can`t for the life of me remember!
Last game we were around the 10 or 20 yrd line IIFC.

Dunigan Flutie was 1996 before Matt got hurt. I believe we won 38-36.
I recall it over 20 busses.


Oskee-wee-wee! The Tiger-Cats won the Eastern Semi-Final against Montreal on Sunday, 19 to 16. Join the Cats Claws on our Trip’n'Ticket buses to cheer for our team at the Eastern Final game in Toronto on November 17th.

DATE:Sunday, November 17th/2013; game time 1:00 p.m.
DEPART:10:30 a.m. from Eastgate Square, off the Kenora [western] entrance
COST:Club members $55.00/person, includes game ticket and bus
Non-members $60.00/person, includes game ticket and bus
CONTACT:Carol Rose at 905-664-6117 or
The early departure time is to allow for traffic and to take advantage of pre-game special activities at the stadium.
Come out and cheer for our Tabbies! Relax on the bus instead of fighting traffic and searching for a parking spot (distant or expensive)! The bus lets us out right across the street from the Rogers Centre’s main entrance and leaves half an hour after the game to bring us home.
Please book your seat early so we’ll know how many buses to reserve. Many thanks for your enthusiastic response!

anyone have an idea on how many people they have right now?

According to the TiCat store when I dropped my money off for the bus trip they had five full buses and Carol and the Cats Claws are scrabbling to get more seats. Getting more buses is not an issue I image getting more tickets at a good price is. Hopefully they can accommodate everyone that wants to go!

Capped at 6 buses. Carol is urging fans to take the GO train.

Why would they cap it...
Id personally rather take the train but I know some people just want to get the full package transportation and ticket all in one.

she said buses are scarce and tickets are limited.

I managed to get some things rearranged and so I will be taking the bus trip with Carol and the group....