Cats Claws Bus Trip to Toronto

The Cats Claws are running a bus trip to Toronto for next Saturday's game. The cost is $50 which includes bus tramsportation to the game and a game ticket. The buses leave from Eastgate Square at 5:15 pm. sharp so get there early as the buses will be leaving at this time. For tickets call Carol Rose at 905-664-6117.

I think this is a great thing that is organized by the Cats Club, but is ruined each year by a few individuals.

Also, the buses don't leave in time, taking in consideration of the traffic.

Last year, there was excessive drinking, smoking, and weed smoking, along with profanity when their are kids on the bus.

Take the bus if you don't mind this, but last year it was ruined for a group of us.

But again, not trying to be negative just giving a perspective. I will still be attending the game at the RC but deciding to take the Go Train down there.

After today's monster win, GO CATS GO - only 4 points back!

I also like to credit them for organizing this, it s 2 bad a couple make it a bad experence for you but thats why I dont take it either as it leaves way to late, and taken 3 buses just to get to eastgate dosent cut it for me, would be better if they left from even downtown! It would be great if they left at 4pm and then all walked down to Jack Asters before the game. I took the go train last year and the fans had the last two cars almost to themselves. I hope they dont read into this negative, but leaving earlier is a good suggustion, as I remember them being late to the game last year.
Which ever way you travel, see you all at the game! GO CATS GO!! :thup:

The Cats Claws Fan Club will be organizing a bus trip to this Saturday's game in Toronto to see the Tiger-Cats face their rival Argos. Kick-off is set for 7:00 p.m. at Rogers Centre. The cost of the trip is $50.00 and includes round-trip transportation and a game ticket. The bus will depart from Eastgate Square at 5:00 p.m. sharp.

For information on the trip or to reserve your space, please contact Carol Rose at 905-664-6117 or by e-mail at


No matter how you get there, just get there! Let's pack the Centre with Black & Gold making more noise than their fans. Let them do the talking and we'll do the playing!

"the Rogers Centre is like a mall" - Lapolice, so let's change this and make some noise when our Cats are on Defence.

I too agree that a few bad as@es spoil it, that being said, We will be there by way of the GO train. 4:10 from
Burlington, Fairview.
We will be pre-gaming it at Jack Astors on Front if anyone else cares to join us. Just after 5.
Wear your colors!!!!!!!


I think this Cats Claws initiative to organize buses from Eastgate is a terrific initiative and a great way to get to the game.

Do you or the Cats Claws folks have a response to the concerns raised here? Seems it wouldn't take much adult supervision to keep the tone of the bus outing family friendly.

A free ride and game ticket for one or more of Hamilton's finest off-duty should do the trick. :wink:

What section(s) do Cats fans usually sit in at SkyDome?

I do believe the last couple times I went we were in 134b....which is behind the ticats bench off to the left...approx at the 20 - 25 yard line closest to the jumbotron...

it was great...last year the ti-cat fans were way louder then anything the argo fans could muster could even tell when watching it on TV!

on another note, my crew was given 4 tickets to saturdays is it possible to just pay to take the bus with the cat claws? What would the price be? thanks

I have some extra tickets in 134A behind the Ticats Bench, 35 yardline. If interested send me a message.

ill take them, ill send you a PM!

Although every effort is made to ensure that no alcohol is brought on board the buses, we cannot control how much people consume during the game. When inquiries are made, it is stated up front, in no uncertain terms, that alcohol consumption and smoking on the bus are strictly forbidden and should anyone choose to test this tolerance, we will stop the bus and escort people off - or refuse boarding post-game if they appear to be grossly intoxicated and belligerent. In extreme cases the bus could be parked until such time as police arrive to deal with the offenders.

Your fan club wants everyone to enjoy the game day (including travel!) at Rogers Centre and try our best to keep it family friendly.

If anyone has any concerns, pleases feel free to contact the Bus Trip Co-Ordinator Carol Rose @ 905.664-6117.

Also, to participate in this weekend's excursion, please contact Carol by Wednesday evening.

Karen Ironside
Cats Claws Fan Club President

Karen, That should do the trick! Thanks for providing this assurance.

And thanks for helping make it easier for Ticat fans to outnumber the Argo fans in Skydome - let's make this a home game for the 'Cats!

Have a great trip to the game everyone - hope to see you there this Saturday night.

Cheers, Bob.

Mr. Young,

I hope to see you there this Saturday! I think it would be great to see the Caretaker make an appearance and add support to our team on the blue team's field!

Will you make an appearance in sections 134/135 at somepoint?


I'm sitting right behind the ARGO bench! :rockin: :? It should be interesting :lol:

BTW...anyone not taking the bus can also join the "tailgate" at the York and Bremner parking lot. :wink:

Cats Fans sit anywhere from 126 to 134D, behind the Visitors Bench. Click Below for the seating chart.

[url=] ... eb0520.jpg[/url]

A lot of Ticats fans are going to Jack Astor's below:

  • Once we arrive in Toronto, we will walk to the Jack Astor's location on 133 John Street for an official Ticats pre-game party beginning at 5:30 p.m. Food will be available.

  • As it gets closer to kick-off, we will walk to Rogers Centre, creating a sea of black and gold through the streets of downtown Toronto at approximately 6:45 p.m.

So how was the experience??

Was not on the bus but was sitting behind the ticats. As has been said before, it is not a place to watch football. No connection to the game whats so ever.

I said yesterday that the experience was like watching it on tv , from the other room.

Like the previous post, the Dome is not a football stadium.

But the experience of being among fellow TiCat fans at an opponent's stadium and making more noise for a victory is simply awesome!

Plus the pre-game event the TiCats put on with train, having players cheerleaders, prizes and Mr. Mosca and then meeting at Jack Astors on Front St. (aka 'Argos Headquarters' lol) it was a great time.

Now on to Friday's game! Go Cats Go!

Bring the noise fans!