Cat's can finish 2nd in the east.....or possibly 1st...

NO…I am not dreaming. Mathimatic’s does not lie. With the Cat’s just about to complete the first half of the season against the Argo’s next Saturday… let’s take a look at what could happen in the remainder on the season… The Argo’s are a badly beaten-up team…the Cats have a chance to capitalize big time, on their misfortune. Sask is in no better shape entering the midway point of the season. Edmonton has serious internal problems, that seem too be getting worse, rather than better. Calgary is running on only 1 half horse power… at the midway point. BC is the powerhouse in the West, but their defence is not as good as Winnipeg’s and we saw first hand how the Cats manhandled them.
Winnipeg is beaten-up after their meeting with the Cats… and I believe this team is somewhat over rated, on the offencive side of the ball. Montreal has come out of the gate like a race horse… but some of their games, they were " fortunite" or lucky to come out with a win. With the exception of last year they can and have " choked " in the latter half of seasons … What does all of this mean for The Tiger-Cats ??
The Cats can rule their own fortunes as they go into the midway point of the season. They have the talent, and I believe with their slow start… that most of us had to sit through, right now the Cats are very much, still under-rated… by other teams in the C.F.L. Not a Bad place to be, when you think about it…

Baby steps, my friend, baby steps.

Montreal finds ways to win -- consistently. That is why they are the class of the East right now. We could have won two out of three games against them. Horseshoes and hand grenades. Could doesn't cut it.

We need a lot more production on a consistent basis from all phases of our game, particularly special terms -- the return game. Corey Holmes is not getting sprung and that has to be a concern for everybody in the Tigers' lair.

Second place is still attainable if we continue to progress, find ways to win, and get the season series edge on Winnipeg down the road.

We have to win our home games and learn to be a victorious ROAD team. Until we start being consistent in taking victories in other people's houses, first place in this context is a mirage.

It's baby steps following the principles of "just win, baby" that will get us results! :wink:

i dont see how you "Manhandled" our defense you only had one or two good drives but that was about it... mass only threw for 170 yards it was all ranek that night

That was all we needed was a Good Running game. Some How we got it done..
your Defence got Played...
The Little Ball Of Hate Kick your asses..
Hell Our OLine Was Opening holes for a Change.

So Much for #51 Of The Bombers
Radline was More then Match for him

dont get to cocky.. you did beat our backup qb.. things looked good for the bombers at the start, with glenn driving and getting the ball in the enzone then he got hurt and our offence sputtered

I agree. "Manhandled" wouldn't capture the true extent to how the game unfolded. How about "regularly inconvenienced to the point of clear defeat?" :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

aaaarrrgggooooss s u < k!

Relax everybody :roll: we win our FIRST road game in TWO years and everybody is talking Grey Cup :lol: There still is lots of work to be done before this will happen.

Remember they had no Glenn or Stegall a few years ago that would have been like a game with no McManus and Flutie. We are lucky that the Argos have had a huge amount of injuries or things would be different.

You win one game and now its off to the playoffs get real. Cats suck and only old man think they have a chance

Personally I'd like to take it one game at a time. But last nights game was worth seeing. To see a running game established with "hole's " opening up for Ranek against the #1 defense in the league...a guy can't help but get hope from that.

remember stegalfan you beat our back qb and back up rb last week so were even

Have to be more optimistic now about a playoff spot after the win and the Argo and Eskimo losses. Still have half a season to go . One game at a time. "Just win, baby !" ( Al Davis)

Better for the Cats to have their slump at the beginning of the season. Teams that come out strong at the front end, can fail in the back half (c.f. BC Lions, 2005)

One game at a time, guys.....

Established rushing --> Pressure off Mass & recievers --> Balanced & sustained offensive drives & some scoring --> Rested defense --> Less of a chance for opposing offenses to pick apart our secondary --> That with a bit of discipline & TICATS WIN!!!

I really see Ranek's health & a great effort from the o-line as absolutely key to that victory & hopefully many victories to come.

As far as crossover teams go we're tied with Esks and and one behind Sask.

Our fate is in our own hands for the rest of the season.

It always was ,but now the skys are clearing up.