Cats Bryan Hall fined along with Chip Cox

It is crappy that Hall has to be lumped into the same category as Banshee's favorite P.O.S. Chip Cox :expressionless:

Cox and Hall fined for Week 6 incidents

TORONTO -- The Canadian Football League announced today:

Montreal Alouette Chip Cox was fined for excessive and inappropriate conduct towards officials following the game.

Hamilton Tiger-Cat Bryan Hall was fined for a low hit on Toronto Argonauts quarterback, Trevor Harris while he was in the passing position on Monday night.

As per league policy, the amount of the player fines was not disclosed.

I don't remember the play. Was there even a flag thrown?

I know there was some bs unsportsmanlike penalties called but I thought those were for late hits.

Take it out on the the big Willy next weekend Hall!

Hall was flagged for RTP on the play, as he came in low, below the knees just after Harris threw the ball. Not late, just low. There were 49 seconds left in the first half. Norwood had the knockdown on the play, but it was negated by the penalty.


Great memory btw :thup:

I do remember the play from the game, as the penalty gave the Arghos a first down instead of the 3rd an long that it would have been. But I had help with some of the details from this site.

IMHO, the League is handing out fines like Halloween candy, with little regard to the severity of the infraction; especially since they refuse to release the amount of the fines. If the player is penalized on the field, and there is NO INJURY, then why continue to penalize the player with a fine?

"What about the Banks fine?" you may ask. THAT happened after the whistle, and was totally deserved, in my opinion. Hall's penalty happened during the play, and seemed MUCH more accidental than the selfish BS that Speedy B pulled. I also notice that Cox's fine was for "being an ass to the officials" rather than the dirty hit on BLM on the last play of the game. Gotta protect the officials from hurt feelings...

I agree with you about the number of fines that have been levied so far this season. Seems that every week at least 2 or more players have been fined whether or not they were penalized on the play. Not sure I agree that the Banks fine was justified as he was rightly penalized and certainly no injury resulted. I also don't think that Hall is deserving of a fine. I remember the play and if I recall correctly, he appeared to be almost pushed into Harris, or at the least would have had a hard time not hitting him. I have no problem with the penalty as it was a low hit and one that will be penalized every time. However it wasn't a dirty hit nor was there any intent to injure and those are the plays that IMO SHOULD result in fines being levied on the player. I thought that Greenwood (I think) who was the second player to hit Gable should have been penalized on the play for UR or fined for reckless play but that didn't occur.

It was Waud who fell on Gable. While the hit was unnecessary because Gable was already headed for the turf, I don't think it was illegal or even unusual.

But it does typify a subtle change in the game over the past couple of decades, in my opinion. Players used to hit to make a tackle. Today they hit someone if they think they can get away with it, whether it contributes to the play or not. It is very common to see a second or third defender throw his body at a ball carrier that is clearly not going anywhere - as though the centimeter of progress they may have prevented is meaningful. Several years back as this became prevalent I would always be waiting for "piling on" flags, but they never seemed to come.

In Waud's case, he wasn't even trying to prevent further progress - he was just trying to throw his weight on top of an opponent who was already stopped. Because he could. Because everyone else does it. Because they all need to prove that they're tough guys. Because the refs don't care - they are too busy looking for incidental contact on pass routes.

I think that mentality is one of the reasons we have so many more injuries today in the CFL than we used to.

@tabbiefanmcb, my rationalization for Banks' fine is the fact that his penalty occurred after the whistle; ie: the play had been ruled dead. As far as I'm concerned, there doesn't need to be an "injury" for a fine to be levied in such a situation.

Interesting, ExPat.

After reading your post, I tried to recall the last time I encountered a piling on penalty in a CFL game. After some time, I couldn’t.

Not sure if this is because the culture of the game has changed or the referees are simply choosing to ignore it.

Referees have gone to one extreme to protect QBs, to the point where even accidently grazing their helmets or being pushed into them will get you a penalty.

For everyone else on the field, all bets are off. Short of a blatant Banks-style hit after the whistle, you're free to hit anyone else as hard as you want, with as many players as you want, even if they've already been stopped. And then (another thing that irks me) use their body to push yourself up in a hurry so that you can celebrate with your teammates.