Cats bringing another QB in to the Hammer

Just in case mediocre isn't cutting it.

Would you prefer we only have 2 QBs?

I was at the game when both McManus and Ledbetter went down with injuries. The next game was pretty gruesome (as was Ledbetter’s leg - his foot was pointing backwards).

Are you crazy? No.way we can ride with only 2!

We just brought back Bryant Moniz who was a late cut from training camp

Woof. I've seen anyone fumble so much from under centre. I don't know why teams keep giving him opportunities to be the short yardage QB.

If you drag a QB down by the dread locks is that a penalty? Serious question.

No.... but there is an unwritten rule amongst players to refrain from it.

ish... in the NFL if your hair covers your uniform, it becomes part of the uniform and is fair game for tackling. Not sure what the CFL's rule would be here, but I assume it's similar as anything otherwise would create a possible unfair advantage.