The real GOTW - for this Rider fan


Let's get the party started......Bombers are favoured man :cowboy:

Winnipeg's favoured?

Who would have thunk it

Going to be a beauty with the Cats emerging victorious on our way to winning the east this year. :wink:

Point spread is 1. In odds-speak, that’s “We have no idea, so we gave it to the home team.” I agree with them on their reasoning - it’s going to be another close one - but I suspect that the Ticats are going to come away with the win.

It's going to depend on Willy playing or not. Bombers at home with Willy playing, they are favored, no Willy then I'm picking the Cats.

A couple of tweets from Kirk Penton, Winnipeg Sun:

19h - Drew Willy running the first-team offence, fires a bullet on his first attempt.
19h - There's no way Willy doesn't start Saturday. If he doesn't, then the #Bombers have erred by not giving Brohm enough reps.
Given this, it looks like Willy is ready to go, and will be starting tomorrow night.

And then there’s this one.

17h - Mike O'Shea says Drew Willy will be a game-time decision. Willy basically says it'll be up to O'Shea.
O'Shea being O'Shea, just playing the game.

.....O'Shea certainly doesn't like tipping his hand...BUT I think the Cats can count on Willy being behind centre... :wink:

I think you are right, I hope Willy doesn’t end up like RG3 as a result.


Argos - sweet music winning the East Man :slight_smile:
Going to be superb once the Blue Bombers win this game.

Before I head down to the Lounge to set up and watch the game tell me “Experts” who is going to win and what is the point spread.
Everyone is going to ask me this question but more important if I’m right my drinks for the second game tonight are free if I’m wrong I pay for a round of drinks for the lounge.

-2 Winnipeg

Challenger; always bet on black...

...and yellow

How about -0- on the point spread, Ti-Cats get the "W". If I'm wrong I'll use my wife's debit card since she is going with me!

My wife’s debit card - give it a rest Ti-Cat fan :lol:

Looks like the odds makers are guessing that the answer to the “Will he or won’t he?” question is “Willy”.

OK, all systems up and running, we are go for “launch” at 1830 hours.
We have three couples from Canada here that heard we were going to have the CFL on TV, so I’ll buy the house a round and get each of our Canadian friends an order of wings.
I’ll be nice to my wife and put this evening on my company credit card.
Enjoy the game!


CatsFaninOttawa “Drew” it up - holly molly :stuck_out_tongue:

Good special teams Winnipeg!