Cats @ Bombers

Forde and Black were just saying Hamilton is going to be starting Printers. Um, why??? :?

They're getting their money's worth.

Big day for Romby Bryant thus far.

This game can't even draw much interest on the Ti-Cat board. Sigh.............

I have to give the ti-cats bench credit after that cheap hit by number 0 for the bombers on printers after he stepped out of bounds they could have jumped him for it but they didn't they let him walk away.

Is anyone else absolutely sick of watching the Ti-Cats? I have the game on, but I haven't really watched it. I was doing some Quotefalls earlier, and then I started looking through the flyers. Good thing I did. Zellers has their Bits and Bites and Crispers on 3 for $5. I think I'll take a stroll down there. This game isn't worth watching... A ping pong tourney would be more interesting.

Are you kidding, give them credit for doing nothing? thats you're QB they just cheap shotted right at you're own bench. They should have mugged him and showed some support for Printers.

Can you scoop me up some ranch Crispers?

I would not be surprised if the 'Cats win this game. Randall is terrible, and Tafralis has looked very poised and accurate in his first few CFL drives going back to last week.

A couple guys did go over and have words with him, but they showed restraint, which is good. This team gets enough penalties...

Ugh, I hate Ranch! :lol: I got BBQ, Salt and Vinegar, Dill Pickle, and All Dressed.

Crispers > Ti-Cats

And the awesome post of the year award goes to......


(made me laugh)

And also his name rocks's/Pictures/NESGameCovers/Tecmo%20Bowl.jpg

From where I sat at the game Charleton's hit on Printers did not seem like it broke any rules. Printers was still in bounds. He probably would have gotten an extra yard-yard and a half if Charlton lets him step out. Not anything significant obviously. Still it begs the question, why was that flagged when it was within the rules? Was it a cheap shot? Absolutely! Should it have been a penalty? Not by my understanding of the rules. You can't flag these guys for hitting hard within the rules, this is a contact sport for crying out loud.

He looked clearly in bounds to me too, nobody seemed to be saying anything about it so I figured maybe I was missing something, but to me it looked like it was just overprotecting the QB.

That one could have gone either way; I’ve seen worse not get called. He was technically still in bounds, but he was beyond the point where he could have stayed in. It was physically impossible for his next foot to come down in bounds. As I said, I’ve seen a lot worse go without a flag.

But I do not understand the “push-off” penalty that called back an absolutely perfect touchdown from Tafralis. Saw the replay a half dozen times, and the usual hand-fighting is going on between the two. But the defender was completely unaffected by any so-called “push” from the receiver. If you aren’t slowing down the defender or changing his direction as a result of the contact, then it’s not a push-off.

As for why the Cats started Casey Printers, there are a number of reasons. 500,000 of them, in fact. With Porter injured, they needed to give Printers one more chance to prove that he’s worth his contract. He didn’t. If he’s still in Hamilton next year, it will be at severely reduced pay, probably as a backup. He’ll balk at that and will be gone.

And I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t get on the Internet when my team is playing. For one thing, the TV in my computer area is a 17" set. I prefer to watch the game on the 50" HD Plasma TV in the other room. But that’s just me.

I had no idea Porter was injured. That's why I thought it was odd that the Cats were starting Printers. Guess it makes sense now.