Cats Blow it!!!

Many factors affected tonight's loss, but none more to Bauman's dropped passes in the 4th quarter.

Our offensive line played poorly, but Bauman gets to wear the goat ears for tonight's loss. Had he caught just one of the two dropped passes, we'd have likely one the game with a field goal.

I still don't care much for our pass defense. At times, Ricky Ray picked them apart with ease.

A very big disappointment for me was Corey Holmes who has become a mediocre football player. He definitely is not all star caliber any longer.

I would like to offer some positives, but really didn't see many tonight. I will say this, however.
Jason Maas threw a couple of errant passes tonight, but his protection was pathetic. Despite this he gave a good account of himself.

Lumsden played with heart, even after injuring his shoulder. Unfortunately, he didn't have many openings to slice through our horrible offensive line tonight. If Jesse sees daylight, he's gone but these guys weren't giving it to him. Credit Edmonton for stopping him, however.

A summary of tonight's game would be that clearly, Edmonton wanted this one more than we did.

It was a two point game lost arguably by mistakes on the part of the Cats and some questionable officiating; Edmonton wasn't doing all that great at times, so if they "wanted it more" it certainly don't show...

It came down to two points but I think bad offensive calls and bad decisions by Maas on severaql occassions cost us the game. We should have been able to have this game in the bag early but we allowed Edmonton to play their game. Lumsden gets stopped twice early and we stop going to him until the third quarter. We even pull him out for a series. All our passes are 4 and 5 yards. maas can't find his secondary receivers fast enough and when he does he goes to the same guys who are already in double coverage....

TCFAn - you're an idiot. We outgained them by over 100 yards and never ever had field position, which brings us back to the Holmes issue. Lumsden was injured pal, nobody pulls him out but him. And lastly, Edmonton blitzed with eight defenders repeatedly tonight - over twelve times. We have five OL, and a back sometimes two. that leaves seven on eight, because Maas can't block for himself before throwing a pass.

it is called the hot route. A extra defender who cannot be blocked means the pass must be off in under 1.5 seconds. You can't throw deep in under 1.5 seconds. Because even the fastest guys who run the 40 are only ten yards downfield.

Maas showed guts, by getting up a lot, and we averaged 7.5 yards per play on 2nd down tonight in addition to outgaining Edmontion by more than 100 yards.

Bauman had a chance to make the catch but imagine if the throw had been a good one and he could have taken it in stride.

On the notion of how many defenders blitzed for Edmonton, the receivers and QB need to read this and adjust their routes. When Hamilton blitzed, Ray had no problem finding his man 20 yards down field.

well we lost didn't we pal to a team with four starters out and several more hurt during the course of the game. We didn't use Lumsden effectively until the third quarter when it was almost too late...And I'm not talking about him coming out in the 4th when he was injured, Holmes went in for a series earlier in the game
Yea Maas has heart but it does not win games for you, even an idiot like me can see that

RAy had no problems because we often rush with 3 - five less than eight. We did not send more than five ever tonight - probably because the staff is reluctant to gamble with the seventh secondary starting this year in the seventh game of the season.

The adjustment to the blitz is the same for every football team on the planet. Cut the route short so we get some yards, and hopefully we run for a first down. Football 101 from Bill Walsh to Bill Bilichik to Charlie Taaffe and his staff. That is why we made a lot of 7 yard catches to be quickly tackled.

I blame the coaches for this lost.
They are the ones that call the plays.
they got away from their game plan early
(not using lumsden,bauman in first half.)

But our offensive line stinks and made
life hard on Maas.

Wow. Some of you make comments like you've never seen a game in your life, and some of you really sound knowledgeable. To the ones who say Maas stunk, the play calling stunk, etc... if you guys won in the last minute, I bet you'd say how they are all geniuses. It's ok to admit in a loss that you outplayed us and if it wasn't for a couple blown coverages, and a couple plays that didn't work out, you'd be at 2-5. You guys in the last few games have looked WAY better than your record shows. Growing pains my friends, growing pains.

A stinky OL makes it hard to run or pass. I felt like we were not focused at all tonight. It was like after winning one game our players thought they would waltz in an Edmonton would hand this one to them.

I don't really know who to blame, or if we are just a last place team.

Other than Maas, Do we actually have any Americans who play offence for the Cats? I saw a play tonight where we had Lumsden, French, Bauman, and Ralph. And I think they are our top four in offence tonight!! Now we also have Dyakowski, Gagne-Marcoux, and others on the OL. Are we meeting the ratio requirements on just one side of the ball or something?

Setta makes that 36 yarder in the first quarter and the Cats go home happy and no one is talking about the refs today.

An Argo-Cat fan

We stink ... and we know it!

You got that right Mass almost never hits anyone in fall stride eveyone is coming back or waiting for the ball that part of our game stinks.
While the refs were poor and even high school refs would be better good football teams play through bad refs and bad calls.
It gets harder every week to be a fan in the CFL.

That was a heart breaker :? :frowning: I still think they should add a new dimension in our game plan by inserting CHANG(E)in at certain points and for designed plays in the game? this would also give him valuable playing time at the helm.

That was a heart breaker :? :( I still think they should add a new dimension in our game plan by inserting CHANG(E)in at certain points and for designed plays in the game? this would also give him valuable playing time at the helm.
I agree with this. Coach Taaffe is behaving like Ron Lancaster in that he seems reluctant to pull his QB; not that I think there was reason to pull Maas in terms of his play which was adequate, but to give Chang a taste of his future, if he hangs around.

He may bolt if he doesn't get some playing time. Hamilton seems to have a penchant for allowing perfectlygood quarterbacks to leave due to lack of playing time.

When Taaffe finally does reinsert Chang into a game, he'll likely be rusty. There is no need for this to occur. Play him, if only sparingly right now! He desperately needs some time under fire.