Cats bid for 2020 Grey Cup against two others

Cats bidding against Montreal and Saskatchewan for 2020 Grey Cup

Hey Ticats, Wake up.

We better have cheerleaders by then. :stuck_out_tongue:

The leauge owes us…BIG TIME. Even if Saskatchewan is thr better financial choice, it’s our turn. Can’t see 3 western GCs in a row either.

League owes the Caretaker too. Logical choice is to have the Riders take a back seat this time. (For a change)

Just show them the artist impressions of the LRT and we are so in.

I stand corrected. One Cup in 47 years! ?

The LRT construction and resulting traffic congestion will give us that big city feel. Grey Cup tourists will be impressed.

Great news!! Hamilton deserves it

Since the CFL wants to expand out east to a tenth team and the Argos are not doing well getting fans in the seats $$$ So I say we will finally get a Grey Cup ! Since we haven’t hosted since 96!?East 2020

We SHOULD have the Grey Cup every 9 years.

Easy solution there. Take it from our Kitchener/Waterloo experience and order the LRT trains from Bombardier. You won’t have any thing on the tracks until two years or more past the due date. At the earliest.

The streets will be good a torn up by then, though.

I hear Subway and McDonald’s are hiring more staff if we get the big game.

But seriously…I’m all for it. We’re well past due.

I hear that they’ll both be applying for their liquor licenses as well . Yup , nothing like a yummy Big Mac and an ice cold beer to wash it down before the big game . ;D

I’ve read recently that Bombardier is having quality control issues with those train cars. Something about welding problems, part irregularities and employee incompetence. As well as some inconsistencies between their two manufacturing plants in Thunder Bay and Mexico.

Just what Hamilton needs. Defective LRT cars. ;D

2020 should give them time to rebuild the City Motor Hotel.

Why are they holding grey cup festivities downtown and not in the rejuvenated stadium district

Because Ma and Pa Kettle’s Rec Room was already booked for their daughter’s wedding? ;D

Rick Flair is better!

I just hope the tickets sell because I am skeptical.

I don’t want to see a “Buy A Large Double/Double And Get A Pair Of Tickets To The Grey Cup” at Tim Hortons in 2020. I’m worried I will.