Cats at Bombers pregame thread

Wouldn't Addison then become the American game-day scratch, and the other guy gets added to the roster?

There are no longer game day scratches this season. They can dress up to a maximum of 45 players, 20 imports, 21 Canadians, 3 QB's and 1 Global.

I may be wrong on this but I think that in order for Butler to be activated he first would've had to have been declared as active and shown on the official gameday depth chart and roster . I always thought that the active GDR had to be set and released along with all IL's at least 24 hrs before the official KO of the game .

Sounds like you're BOTH right, just in different ways.
Our "best" O-lineman and our "best" WR being mysteriously off the roster is concerning. There's reports that Revenberg is ill, but nothing on Addison to my knowledge.

It's really healthy for the prostate too. Lot's of lycopene in that can.

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I believe that Addison will play and the GTD on the depth chart is just info for bettors to consider before they place their wagers.

But, there is also a minimum requirement for 44 dressed players.
Only guessing, but I think if Addison can't go, the Cats play with 44.
If / when it happens that a team has 2 of their 45 players, on the declared game roster, unable to play, they'd be allowed to dress a substitute. ????

Dress the guy for a single play (kickoff) and he gets "injured"...

It was so long ago Bobo... somewhere back in the days 'Before Collaros' (BC) when we were just finding our way. Those were dark times punctuated by the odd flash of brilliance... a portent of things that were yet to come.

I was just a young old man then, feeling my way around (which really creeped out the ladies) and learning the hard way that a can of beans is best consumed BEFORE a huge meal and not after.

Now we've fallen on difficult times again and we're barely able to brow beat other teams with our perfect 2-0 record. There are some including myself who think that we might EVEN be mortal. I know, I know... foolish thoughts.

Still, the coming storm might be the thing that brings us down to Earth tonight. It could spell the end of our uppity ways should your Cats bring their floaty toys to I.G. Field and just wait for us to drown.




Flattery will get you nowhere! :smile:

Collaros hates Cats and now the Bombers have added renowned Tiger-Cat killer Greg Ellingson.

I'm sure it will be a tight game. :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is EXACTLY the reason why we did away with Tiger perches at I.G. Field. We got better crowds when ticket buyers found out that they wouldn't get eaten.

Later that year we boosted drink sales when we moved the tarantula petting zoo from the concession area to the parking lot.

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Being that the Cats always collapse in the 4th quarter then we should try and maintain a lead until at least the 7:30 mark of the 3rd quarter. If there is a one hour lightning delay after that then we win.


It may have something to do with the facilities

Visitors Locker room

Bombers locker room


There were no cost overruns due to construction delays and crumbling concrete repairs at I.G. Field. All that extra attention lavished on the visiting team's locker room was what REALLY put us over budget. Even the stench was expensive.


At least luckily Revenberg being out is likely only temporary