Cats at Bombers pregame thread

You asked for it, you got it... apologies to everyone who posted on the Winnipeg game in the witches thread vol. 2. I would broken that thread off and moved your posts here, but I can't manage that on my phone with my thumbs.

Memo to Cats : Watch and closely observe the Riders at Alouettes game tonight.

Take notes if you have to BUT that is how you play and win a game when dominating and winning by a double digit score . In other words STOP playing like pathetic losers and prove to yourself , to me , to everybody that you know where the gas pedal is and how to use it for a full 60 minutes .


I was thinking exactly the same thing! Especially, their defence, They didn't collapse in the 2nd half like ours did...


I am guessing this game will be personal. Something about a long winter.

Dane Evans will easily pass for 350 yds. Malcom Thompson playing safety.

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Without Revenberg out there Dane will be lucky to last the game in one piece let alone complete 350 yds behind that make shift line that we're going with .

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I second this comment. Okafor is basicly a swinging door.

If that was us playing Saskatchewan last night the final score would've been
38 - 37 for the Riders .

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Okafor was a mess at Tackle, but has filled in at Guard much more productively over the years. He’s not Revenberg, but he’s not the turnstile he was at Tackle.

Sounds like Revenberg is sick so hopefully he’s all healed up and ready to go next week.


Nothing will bring my confidence up when an already concerning offensive line is getting weaker game by game due to injury, sickness and bad play.

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It's going to be wet, windy and unfriendly in Skeeterville tonight,
:cloud_with_rain: :zap:
If we protect the ball and get a solid game from Dane and STE plus our normal great game from the Defence I believe we can win this one!

TiCats - 18
Skeeters - 10

The Riders tattooed us with 8 sacks in that opening game . I'm thinking that the over/under will be higher for this one in Winnipeg . Honestly wouldn't be surprised if the BB's reach double digits tonight with the animals they have playing on defense .


I'm not quite sure exactly how wet , windy , and unfriendly is going to help us considering that we have no running game to speak of at the best of times . You then throw in the fact that Jackson isn't in the line-up to run the ball and Revenberg isn't in there to open up any holes even if there were any in the first place . You add it all up and I'm afraid that you have a perfect storm for disaster . Finally let's not forget that Addison is a GTD and if he's a no go then that will make it even more difficult for Dane and weaken an already thin receiving unit .

As for protecting the ball ? Well it seems we aren't very good in that department this year so far .

Finally this great defense that you talk of that by any chance the same defense that consistently collapses like a cheap tent when needed most in the 2nd half of games this season going back to last season as well ?

Sorry to say this BUT...

I honestly can't see this happening....

So I'm thinking final score somewhere along the lines of...

Skeeters - 24
TiCats - 10

You need a V-8


Weaker, on paper, maybe but not weaker in performance, at least so far.
Game 2 saw changes at 3 of the 5 OL positions, resulting in a very clear improvement in play. This week's one change, Okafor / Revenberg, certainly concerns me but not as much the changes, from Game 1, did going into the Calgary game.


Winnipeg are still 4.5 pt favorites. I think it is going to be an air show and the Cats win outright.

Bombers will bring an extra rusher to help the secondary so you are right it will be on the oline to step up. Rutledge has been the guy causing problems.

I think they should save the V-8 for the players . Maybe perhaps inject it thru an intravenous tube on the sidelines . It might just keep the engines revving on all cylinders for the entire game for a change . :muscle:

By the way Grov , just so you know....I LOVE V-8 . It's actually one of my favorite drinks . :smiley:


Now that would be worth a forum or two. Can you put an Emoji in a forum header?
:scream: would only start to cover the story. Your D can't be that bad (can they?).

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There's always the chance that a lightning delay lasting longer than... (I don't know) will force CFL Headquarters to reschedule the game to a later date. Maybe by then your Cats will be all healed up and my Bombs will have contracted Malaria.


I remember the game in Winnipeg in 2016 where a thunder and lightning storm caused an 2 and a half hour delay for the kick-off . As I recall when the game finally started after that long delay the BB's came out and absolutely hammered us right from the get go . We might as well of just stayed in the locker room or better yet just headed for the airport in that game . Believe me it would've saved everybody involved a lot of time and aggravation on the night if we did. :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :zap:


I see Josh Smith on 3rd Down Nation has mentioned the fact that if Addison can't play they would have to activate Emmanuel Butler from the practice roster. As far as I know they can't do this because the roster has been submitted and they can't add any players to the roster at the last minute. I believe if Addison isn't good to go that the 'Cats would have to play one import short for this game.