Cats at Argos Sept. 23, 2023

102 Days until opening game in Hamilchuck. Some fan photos from last September at BMO


Last photo is father and son. Dad began his career as Assistant Equipment Manager with BC Lions. Then became Equipment Manager with the Argos during the John Candy - Wayne Gretzky - Bruce McNall years.

After practice one day, Big John invited the whole team onto the darkened field at Skydome. Seats had been set up theatre - style for all, with popcorn and goodies. The team got to see the Premiere of Cool Runnings!
Then Big John took the gang to a place he co-owned. When the server came, Big John said: “What do you think, two pitchers apiece”?
There will never be another John Candy


Part Two of Argo Equipment Mgr Stories:

During the disastrous Glieberman years of the Ottawa Renegades, they arrived by train in Toronto to play the Argos. Air Canada had stopped flying the Renegades due to non-payment.

The Renegades had no socks. The Argos lent them their white “away” socks. VIA Rail refused to take the Renegades back to Ottawa due to non-payment. The Renegades asked the Argos for help.

The Argos had a bus they used for transporting the team to practice at Lamport Stadium. The driver agreed to drive the Renegades back to Ottawa.

I believe this tops the story of the flat-broke Cats getting through a season with used Pittsburgh Steelers pants. Same era!



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