Cats At Argos Rematch

I was not planning on starting this.

I wanted to get it going because I would like to know what Cats and Argos fans think about this.

I read that Ex-Cat Dan Lefevour is going to start for the Argos.

He stated he is familiar with the Orlando D because of his past practice sessions.

At the same , some of the D, is familiar with him.

We shall see.

Sadly, I'm not expecting much from the Argos in the rematch. But hopefully Lefevour can surprise.

Of course Lefevour is going to start - - Kilgore is unplayable at QB.

Will be at the game, just hoping for a close game and a not too ticat-heavy crowd. A good mix of them makes it fun but not too many.

We are going to this game and was looking forward to a good game after the Labour day game. But with no Ray I don't see the Argos winning this one and it won't be close.

Like giant bumble bees, the same colours and just as irritating :x

We may only represent 15-20% of the crowd at the beginning ... making as much noise as the home crowd (if you adjust for the fake speaker noise and those stupid drummers).

But by the end we could easily be 50-75% of the crowd - and not because more of us showed up late. If you don't like that idea, you might want to bow out with the other home team fans once the game is out of reach.

He was pretty good two years ago when he had to fill in for Zach when he was out with a concussion. Only one win, but kept games close. The thing to look for if he avoids big turnovers, stays mobile and avoids sacks, and is able to avoid the two and outs. If he does those things, even if the score is run up, you can be somewhat optimistic about your chances against Winnipeg next week.

I agree. He was just starting to look pretty good with Hamilton the season before he got hurt. I suspect he'll be pretty rusty in his first game but might be good enough to beat Winnipeg next week.

Any predictions on Attendance? 20K as the over/under?

With an early weekend start time, there's no excuse for lots of Hamilton fans not to show up. :wink:

I'll go out on a limb and predict 21.5k.

I still don't think the outcome will look very good for double blue fans. They'll have to come up a better offensive game plan without Ray behind centre.

Toronto better bring it tomorrow but, like you said, without Ray, they could get slaughtered.

Hope you're right on the 21.5K.

I'd expect 30% or more of the stadium to be ticat fans at game start.

by end of the 3rd quarter the stadium will be 80% ticat fans....


You're living in a dream world, Hamilton Fan.

There isn't 7500 people in the depressed little village of Hamilton who could afford a ticket and bus fare.

You're so silly, A51. :lol:

If you take a look at Stubhub, the bus fare is actually more expensive than the ticket. :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh. You tell 'em, A51. Toronto needs more like you to get the old rivalry going again. Seems like the old guard have mostly moved out of the city....many of them settling in that depressed little village, too. :x

Sadly you are probably right...Argo fans are notorious for showing up late, leaving early and sitting there with their thumbs up their a**es. Except that one Argo fan with the beard that you always see on TV (is he a poster here?)

I refuse to leave a game before the end especially when I pay hard earned dollar for a ticket. Me and the old man stuck it through for the Edmonton fiasco and we intend to do so today, even if we're the only Argo fans left in the joint :rockin: