BMO has never been fuller..
Oh Canada has new lyrics
Lets hope for a good game

I love the pre-game analysis.

"The only way the Tiger-Cats have a chance of winning is if Masoli has the game of his life."

"The Argonauts are clearly the superior team."

Maybe, just maybe, we should play some football first? Sheeesh....

I know that the league needs the Argos to do better but good golly Miss Molly.

Congested Argos excellent pre game look awesome on TV get it on

The revenue from this game probably exceeded 3 games from last year. Great start. Now let's have a GREAT game. High scoring. Tight. No flags.

But the statements are true. Without Collaros, Toronto is CLEARLY the superior team. If the Cats want to win this Masoli has to come up HUGE.

What do you want them to say? "Masoli is expected to throw for 175 yards and 2 picks and that should be enough to win the game."


Seriously. Too many changes and shifts on the teams to make a call yet. Masoli has shown some nice streaks but it's true he's no Collaros.. He has a veteran offense and excellent line in front of him. It would have been interesting to hear some genuine reflection on the actual match-ups. That's all.

The "clearly superior team" is a little slow getting going. Not counting chickens, just making an observation.

Yes... and another flag. :frowning:

Watching the game with my mom(my). She asked, "How old is the Argo quarterback?"
I had to laugh.

Joe Theismann looking younger than Ricky Ray. :thup: Nothing like a tan and a facelift to make you feel young.

Everything looks excellent, well, except for the Argos. :wink:

Just so happy to be watching the CFL again!

Yes and yes. Fans turn out and Argos provide a dud. And ANOTHER flag. Still happy it's back.

I'm switching to Big Brother for an hour...

The Argos still have nit generated a first down...lmao

Feeling aged, my boy? You're just a sprout.

WOW.. pushed send and they got one

I tuned in late and can't see the size of the crowd with the roof, though I did spot a few empty seats. Have they announced the attendance yet?

Jello made with vodka maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

Argo offense getting into gear. Too late for this half but... Hopefully the 2nd half will give the fans something to cheer about.

Typical game for the Millanovich Argos; turnovers, undisciplined play, unspecial special teams and an offense that is plain offensive. Thought bringing in Stubler would bring back the defense (need a couple games for the D to gel around a new system) and free up Scotty to concentrate on the O. That have was disgraceful offensively.

Millanovich should be the first coach to be unemployed this season. Popp maybe the worst but he doesn’t have the tools Millanovich has to work with.

"They could have used a little Pinball out there."

Is there any other kind? :lol:

Argos are going to miss Owens a tonne and they have no answers for Lawrence.