Congratz to the Cats sweeping those 2 games and taking the season series.

In my opinion Chris Jones got completely outschemed in both of these games. Last week it was Hamilton's run game at crucial times that really killed the Argos defensively. This week I really thought that the Argos would have an answer for that but they had nothing. Cats run game was even better.

Toronto better pull up their socks or they're gonna let this season slip away.

call me crazy, but I knew argos would lose when it was announced ray would start.

coming off injury, being rusty, team now used to the other guy who can actually run with the ball.

Bet Ray got sacked more during his 7 games.

never was a fan of ray even though I respect his talent

They started collaros last week, and still lost.
Not Ray's fault. They were unable to match hamilton's intensity.

Good win

Marcus Ball, that same guy who late hit Lauther from behind last game was the same player who did that clothesline on the first Argos punt. Gotta get rid of this guy Milanovich.

He managed to get a couple 15 yarders. He must be watching Ferri video.