Cat's- Argo's VIP Field Tent tickets Sept 8 in Toronto

Hello Everyone:

I just recieved a heads up for the Labour Day rematch at Rogers Center.

There is a Rogers Centre VIP tent available at field level, on the Ticats side of the field.

For individual and group tickets contact:

[b]Rob Richardson
Account Executive
Toronto Argonauts

Give Rob a shout he's my ticket agent with the Argo's and a great guy.

Enjoy the game, I'll see ya there.

No thanks. I've been embarrassed one too many times at the Skydome (none worse than the 48-0 thrashing) and until I think we have a legit shot to compete, I won't be attending any Ticat games outside of Ivor Wynne.

It's to bad you can't make it, but how about those who can!


I will :rockin:

I am going but Sitting in the Cheep Seats

how much is this?

I believe the tickets are $55 each.

They aren't cheap but you get a waitress dedicated to the tent where you can order your food and drinks and have them delivered.

It's pricey for sure but a neat adventure none the less.


Does that price include your food and non-alcoholic beverages, Jare?


8) A wise man indeed !!!!!