Cats-Argos Game Changed?

Does anyone know why the date and time for the pre-season game in Toronto was changed?

I didn't look at the timing but if it was moved back, perhaps it was due to the fact the Argos may still be looking for a QB.

I heard the Wiggles are back in town.

It was moved up. The original date was June 15 and now it's June 13. I thought it might have been Bills related, but that can't be it. NFL teams aren't even in training camp in June.

It's cuz they knew it was my birthday and that I also play hockey that nite. If only they could move the August 7th game as I am getting married that day.

Have you considered changing your wedding date to a non-game day?? lol

Hehe the wiggles. I hate those goobers they cost us that game. :lol:

Better yet, what about a wedding at mid field?