Cats @ Argos Friday October 10th

So football fans in Southern Ontario. Time to start buying tickets for the biggest game - so far this year in the east.

Right now - lots of good seats still available - especially on the Hamilton side of the stadium Ti-Cats fans.

OK - in the last 24 hours if anything it looks like more tickets are available now than what showed yesterday of the 'Choose Your Seat App' - especially on the Hamilton side. That doesn't bode well for those who were hoping for a big crowd.

There was an Argonaut ad today on 102.1 The Edge for those that say the Argos don't advertise.

Personally I think you will see thousands more Cats fans at the game in two weeks in Toronto on Saturday the 25th at 4:00PM. If you are a Cats fan looking at the schedule and deciding to do one of those two games in Toronto you are much more likely to choose the 4:00PM Saturday game in two weeks, instead of the mad rush after work to try to get to Toronto in time for a 7:00PM game on a Friday.

In fact way more tickets are already sold on the visitor side for the game on the 25th than the game this Friday. We may end up with fewer than 5,000 Cats fans there this Friday the way things are looking right now.

The thing you have to keep in mind here, is section 134D and 109D

These are the cheapest, bottle of the barrel seats, and they are sold out. Probably because many fans are "upgrading" their seats after getting into the stadium. Now I don't condone this practice, but it's worth noting. Add it to the pile of reasons the Argos got to get out of the facility.

Hamilton 2 PACK includes both the Oct. 10th and Oct. 25th !

Buy the 2 games in Toronto and receive 33% off ! :thup: :thup:

[url=] ... ls/14HAM2G[/url]

Go Argos = "Don't Let Me Down" :rockin:

Now thats a great idea. provided that you can get to the Friday night game

Absolutely a 4:00 Saturday Star for the second game is the game that most will go from Hamilton. Knowing that tickets will be available no matter what a walk up crowd should be good as well.

As for the first game on Friday Night Football is for TSN and the TV audience. A compromise that was likely made between the league and their partner Network. They are definitely getting smarter in highlighting this match up.
Since it is the only game Friday Night.
A couple of improvements would have been to schedule a later start time for the Friday Night game. Between 8:00 and 9:00. At least giving the Western CFL fans a chance to get home to watch.
A second would be to have put this game on RDS as well making it a much more convenient for Montreal fans to watch since the result would be of interest to them. With Ottawa promoting into the French Speaking community could be a bonus for the ratings.

An 8:00PM start would give Cats fans more time to get there too from Hamilton. Oh well.

We are told that it is about a 20 minute drive from the Toronto airport to the Westin Harbor Castle and it is about a 15 minute walk from the hotel to Rogers Center, does this sound reasonable?
We are looking forward to watching this Fridays game.

I'd plan for more than 20 minutes if you are talking from Pearson Airport. With the Gardiner Expressway down to two lanes each way - depending on weather, traffic etc. it can easily take at least 35-45 minutes to get from Pearson to the Westin. Yes from the hotel to Rogers Centre is a 15 minute walk.

Thank you, if our flight plan shows main gear touchdown no later than 1400 EDT we should have plenty of time for the drive, check in and dinner before the National Anthem.

Good point I overlooked. Its Friday night and the only game of the night a 9:00 start would even be very reasonable.
Live and learn for the league. Unfortunate for the Argos and the league that Hamilton will play only one game at RC. So they need to get it right the first time.
For Hamilton it may actually be to their advantage to play At Toronto twice down the stretch. It actually gives them 11 games without travel, fans can go, and can get two home games of the other east team they will play 3 times.
Within their last 5 games they really only have to travel one time to Ottawa. Two in Toronto and two at home. No hotels, flights, or train travel for 4 of those games. Friday night and late Saturday start in Toronto gives them even mor of an advantage.

I think that's very unreasonable during rush hour before the game. I'd expect 35-40 minutes to be more accurate.

I recommend Toula restaurant at the top of the Harbour Castle Westin, if only for the view of Toronto harbour while you eat dinner.

Having the game played at THF would make it really convenient for Tiger-cats fans to make it to the game.
Oy. :roll:

You know what's sad, you'd probably still draw more Argo fans at THF, with them wanting to see the new stadium.

I’m one of those fans!!! :rockin:

Here is a Great Deal :thup: :thup: