Cats are in tough......

....Doesn't really matter what happens next week for either club....the game in OUR BACKYARD is gonna decide second place....We intend to be very loud ...Glenn better bring some good running gear.,.. :thup: :cowboy: :rockin: Smack em Bombers... :rockin:

Funny that for both teams,the most important game next week will be the Argo's @ Esk's -lol,I can see it now,Argos win and all of a sudden Wpg and Ham will both want to win next week to clinch a playoff berth,then battle it out for second in the Peg.

The best team will win. Both sides are improving. It will probably come down to turnovers, kicking and maybe even the elements. Bring your turtlenecks.

I just wanna say that at this point in the season, it's safe to say both teams exceeded expactations. We expected the Bombers to finish dead last and they've definitely shown that they are much much better then that. The rest of the CFL pretty much figured we'd also be battling you for last but we've proven them wrong too. Big respect to both teams and their fans, we sat through thick and thin and now there's a good chance of both teams being able to make the playoffs. May the best team win, good luck Bombers and fans :thup:

great post 15, good luck to you cats fans, both teams have had to deal with some issues and with low expectations… and at the end of the season both are playing arguably their best football and are real threats if they make it into the playoffs. should be an epic game!

Good post 15 Champs! :thup:

Glenn & Bishop VS the Defences.

1: I like our defence. Should be able to keep Glenn under control, especially if the weather is bad.
2: Cats D? Seems like the D we had for three years under Marshall. Very good - but soft in the secondary. That should give the edge to our offence.

BUT - We have Bishop :? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again - I’d prefer Glen!
That’s hard to say after the game Bishop just had (I’ll give credit where it is due) but I’m still not putting any money on our QB.

With a small amount of luck - that last game of the year will be a preview of the semi, to be played in our hanger or the cats litter box! I would hate to see this last game become a “win and host a playoff game” or “lose and go home”. Let’s keep the esks out of the picture.