Cats Are Done!!

Don’t believe it, but If you believe the media, especially the Toronto media than the Cats are done.

It’s like why show up for Sunday’s Eastern Semi-Final Game in Hamilton at Tim Horton’s Field?

According to the media and I’m sure TSN and the panel will be all over this come Sunday that the Cats are on life support to be even playing the Argo’s with Ricky Ray planning to start for the boatman.

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I was never a believer in media or statistics anyway because their are so many different variables to a football game especially in a one game winner take all like this, where the winner moves on to the Eastern Final and loser goes home.

The Tiger-Cats are certainly the underdogs in this game without our starting QB in Zach Collaros or even or back up Jeff Mathews compared to the all-star calibre of QB in Ricky Ray or even back up Trevor Harris but it’s one game, it’s no longer the regular season or the start of the year, it’s one game and so much can happen in this one game?

For one thing the Argo’s are playing in Hamilton where they have not won before in the new Tim Horton’s Field, this is our stadium, our Fans will bring the noise and lots of it and back up our team and this team will prevail and overcome the great obstacle on Sunday.

It’s the Clash of the Cats and the Argo’s for the Eastern Semi-Final on Sunday!!

Make Lots of Noise Tiger-Cat Fans, lets cheer our team on to victory!!!


Loud and proud. Where else would you rather be? THF on a perfect Sunday afternoon, and a chance to step on the Argos! Win or lose a great way to close out the season. Go Cats!

Ticats have a team that is battle-tested in the playoffs while the Argos have a number of young players who have not been there before and have had a tendency to take too many penalties (even worse that the Ticats :oops: !) and scrap with each other on the sidelines. This is a BIG game played with home field advantage for us as has been mentioned. Mu guess is that our guys handle the pressure better - at least well enough to get the win.

CFL Pick'em (fan choice) had their picks just about even last I saw earlier this afternoon 51%- 49% in our favour although that can certainly change between now and game time with a day and a half to go. NONE of the writers have chosen us (or BC)

Not a cats fan, not an argos fan, but no team is ever done until the game is over. On game day, anyone can win. Statistics mean nothing come playoff time, the team that steps up isn’t always the best team on paper, it’s the team that works, it’s the team that makes the breaks go their way. It only takes an average player to play above their perceived ability to make the difference.

It’s the CFL.

Malcolm Kelly is a complete moron and knows nothing who cares Argos suck and Toronto Media swallows

Toronto media?!? Do they even know who the Argos are, they think light bulb when someone mentions cfl

That tired old cliché means less than the stats you eschew Photo1.

Personally, I am quite surprised that all CFL writers are picking the Argos; the writers are: Pedersen,Steinberg,Landry,Morris, Nye,Cauz and Dunk. Yes,the Tiger Cats don't have Zach but on defence and special teams they are much better than the Argos. I still think that the Tiger-Cats will win.

These same writers are also all picking Calgary over BC. I think that Calgary will win,but it won't be easy.


How come you spell Cats correctly but then spell Argo’s with the apostrophe??? Argos !!!
Can’t bring yourself to spell that team name correctly???

And all along I thought it was spelled Arblows!!!! (no apostrophe)

I admit I was wrong, IT IS ARBLOWS!!!!


It's too bad one Argo fan corrected me, well that's two Argo fans in total that will make the trek down the highway to the big game tomorrow, because Argo fans just suck period!

In regards to Ricky Ray, Mr Injury this past year, his only games played this season have been in front of his true blue Arblow fans which number around 3000 at the Rogers centre or Tim Horton's when they can't find adequate facilities within Toronto or nobody wants this team, pretty sad and funny indeed, just like the support they receive from fair-weather Arblow fans!

Ricky Ray has yet to be tested with a Loud & Proud Tiger-Cat Crowd of 25000 in a noisy stadium atmosphere with a hungry Tiger-Cat Defence, so bring it on Ricky Ray let's see what you Arblows are made of?

If it's anything like you're fan base not much and the Tiger-Cats have nothing to worry about!



Yah buddy! :rockin:

Im pretty sure youve been reading this mb long enough to know we call you everything BUT your correct name.

That team doesn't deserve to be in the playoffs!

CHCH's Sportslines Hebsy is calling for a Ti-Cat win with two special team TD's ,one Brandon Stewart,one Speedy return.
Bubbs is cheering Cat's.
We will be in Ottawa for the Eastern Final.
Reason, Special teams!
Best coached Special Teams in the CFL!!! :cowboy: Period!!! :thup:

. :thup: :slight_smile: Don't forget they go by the Arholes also.

Yes, Arhole fans are the worst in the CFL, fairweather fans holding out for an NFL team. About to be beat by a third string QB.

Yah No Kidding and only 3000 of them?????? = ARBLOWS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<-- Correction: Practice roster QB