Cats are #3 on Sportsnet Power Ranking!

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This is the now team. Ever since employing Kevin Glenn as its starting quarterback in the last five games of the season, the Ticats have been a different team. The key may have been a narrow loss to Montreal in the Ticats' first game with Glenn starting. They are on a three-race win streak. Beating Winnipeg on the road to lock up homefield advantage for the East Semi-Final showed the Ticats' heart and desire. Their back end absolutely destroyed the Bombers.

LOVE that ... NOW team!!!!

It's flattering to see us ranked #3 but in reality, does it really mean anything? We are in the playoffs and a win puts us in the eastern final.

The rankings all season have been hilarious. We have been 8th and 2nd and everything in between. You lose a game and you drop 3 spots. You win sometimes you move up 2 spots or stay the same.

The rankings really have no rhyme or reason to them. It just gives us fodder to talk about.

I'm not sure I agree. Throughout the season it was very difficult to rate teams, especially the Ticats. The league's parity throughout the season resulted in every team beating every other team on any given week. I think things are beginning to settle down and it is getting a little easier to rate teams, although parity still creates some difficult situations. But it really does not matter. We have to beat BC and then MONTREAL. Then we will be ranked Number 1. :smiley:

The main thing that the Ticats should be proud of this year is that they were 5-3 vs the west. Thats a feat that no east team besides Montreal has been able to accomplish for about 6+ years.

And beat B.C. twice! :stuck_out_tongue:

I don't care if we're ranked #one, we still got to win a big game come Sunday vs. BC. :cowboy:

OK.....really early to say but I was thinking that in all honesty if things fall just right I can see this years team drinking from the Cup.

I pick us to beat BC.
I would be thrilled and a little shocked if we then beat Montreal.
I fear no team from the West.

Last chance to keep our Championship every decade streak in tact!!!