Cats and Bombers this week

Okay so we play the Bombers at home this week and the Bombers have lost Ried for the season,I know Doug Brown was out with injury and Buck Pierce also but I don't know how long those two are out for.Even with Pierce playing I think we can beat this team and improve to 8-6. S 8) So what are your thoughts can we do it? :cowboy:

The tabbies should be capable of beating any team in the league, it's just a matter of which team is going to show up. They HAVE to beat Winnipeg to get over the hump, and I have a feeling its going to be a very tough game with or without WPG starters. Looking at the remaining schedule I think 2 of the next 3 games (WPG, MTL, BC) are MUST wins in order to get a home playoff game.

I'm looking forward to the bummer trolls who usually drop by here talking smack prior to a game.

I fear the Cats, or at least their coach, like many fans, may not consider the Bombers to be the formidable opponent their record suggests.
Quote from the Spec's "Scratching Post" blog:

"Marcel Bellefeuille has decided not to practice on Monday and will hold meetings and film sessions instead. The team is playing on back-to-back short weeks and has had a grueling stretch of late."

They'll have 9 open days following this game, which would seem to me, to be a better week to take some time off from the practice field. Better than today, while the Bombers start their regular 3 practice schedule of prep for the Cats.

I take your point, but I can also understand why MB has made the decision he has.

As it says in the piece you quoted, the team has had two consecutive short weeks, so it's been gruelling and clearly he feels now is the time for a break of one day. That still leaves Tue, Wed and Thu for practice.

I don't think it means he is taking Winnipeg lightly, I think it means what he said it means. If he believes the team will be in a better position to be successful against Winnipeg by taking a day off practice today, then I accept his judgment on that. He ought to know.

I certainly agree, with your last sentence, stevehvh.
To support my earlier comment, let me point out that this week's game is on Friday -- so the ST walk-through will be Thursday and that will not be a practice day. WPG will follow a normal schedule of 3 practices. HAM will have 2.

When you play the Blue's Brothers you have to be prepared for some very strange ref calls the BS seems to run a little stronger at Bummer games.

IMO these next two games will determine where we finish in the East this year. Win both and we have a legitimate shot at 1st place. There is no reason why we shouldn't be able to beat a beat up Winnipeg team that has lost 4 of 5, AND we're at home.

I don't think he's taking WPG lightly at all. I think with some of the players who got banged up, this might be the best option for us.

I read that Lapolice says Pierce is questionable and may not play but Brown will probably play. Keep in mind that the Bumers lost their first AND second string RBs. They also lost their starting MLB a few weeks ago.

I think this late in the year, sometimes film study can be better than being on the field practicing. With a short week, we can still have 3 days on the field and use a day to rest the bodies, but practice/study the mind for the Bombers.

I agree with this decision by MB.


Pierce says he's good to go

[url=] ... good-to-go[/url]

Blue Bombers quarterback Buck Pierce, who sat out of Winnipeg’s last CFL game against Montreal to rest his bruised ribs, is already champin’ at the bit to get back in the starting gate. He was even more anxious after being told to sit out of Monday’s practice.

“I feel good,? said Pierce, who plans to practise Tuesday. I should do everything this week. That’s my mindset anyway. They might have a different plan, but I feel good.?

Pierce added that there is no reason why he cannot return to action when the Bombers take on the Tiger-Cats in Hamilton on Friday. Winnipeg head coach Paul LaPolice, however, wants to see Pierce on the practice field first.

“The decision was to sit me out because of the soreness and not to take another hit on it,? Pierce said. “So yeah, I feel a lot better. I’m looking forward to this week and I’m looking forward to getting back on the field.?

Because Pierce was iffy and backup Alex Brink had suffered a dislocated shoulder, the Bombers sent an SOS to Michael Bishop, who practised Monday. Whether Bishop dresses Friday may depend on Pierce’s status.

The Bombers are feeling better about the quarterback situation after Brink completed 24 of 40 passes for 326 yards and one touchdown, with two picks, in the loss to Montreal. And came within two failed one-yard sneaks of winning it.

“He showed real mental toughness in getting us down there and giving us a chance to win (at the end of the game),? Mack said. “We feel very comfortable that if we had to go to Alex, he gives us a chance to win.?[/b]

I've had bruised ribs and you don't get over that in a week. I think Pierce is smiling through the pain. One good shot on Friday and he may well be back on the sidelines.

Whoever plays the position for the BB's (excluding Bishop) will pose a problem for the Tiger Cat defense. They will need to bring their A game and be ready for a battle.

The guys will be up for it!!!!

Go Cats....

Not having a Monday practice in a short week is not taking Winnipeg lightly, ottawacat

The film work and meetings that they will be doing on Monday is still game preparation.

It's not likely that there will be many new plays that they haven't worked on before

New plays are usually worked on for a few weeks before they're used in a game anyway

Two days of practice working on execution this late in the season should do the job.

IMO, Marcel rightly decided that giving the players an extra day

to let their bumps and bruises subside is more important than a 3rd practice.


The players normally wouldn't normally be practicing on Monday anyway. The game was played on Saturday.

Sunday, the day after the game is a day the players have to come in to work out the kinks.

Some players have to submerge their bodies in a tube filled with ice to get their bodies moving again.

On the next day they don't have to come in. They stay home to let their bumps and bruises subside.

Well, here's the story, without Fred Reid the bombers running game is less then ideal, and without Carl Volny, it's a lot worse. We know that their offense is going to be a predominantly passing affair, which means a lot more chances to blitz, which is the doom of many a quarterback. At this point, he knows he's going to be conceding 2nd to the Als temporarily who are going to beat Toronto. With a loss to us, he'll still have a hold on 2nd place (given the Bombers have won the series vs us already) and can regroup vs Edmonton while we have to face the Als at home. Police is looking to get back on top with his remaining game vs Montreal following by Toronto, which Montreal has to deal with Calgary and BC.

Brink has shown some promise, and the Bombers aren't likely to get another two seasons out of Buck, so they need to give him touches. The O.Line is still mostly intact, so I think he'll want to keep Buck in reserve, have him be the 2nd string this game and pull it out if Brink's defaults on the promise he's shown and give Brink some starter reps.

Now while I do hope a speedy recovery to all the players injured on the Bombers roster (or any CFL roster for that matter), all the injuries give us a perfect chance to capitalize and hopefully steal away 2nd place (and possibly 1st if the Als crumble) especially given we still have a game vs Toronto and Saskatchewan (with Toronto being a Home away from home game practically). The Bombers have a much harder road with only one more game vs Toronto, so it should be an interesting race.

Still plenty of Football left to play this season.

Well you know they are the only fans that know anything about the game :roll: Those chumps show no respect, I am sad to say I dislike them more than TO

Oh, I suspect most of it is good clean fun. We take our shots at them too. One of the charms of this league is the camaraderie amongst the fans.

It’s wise not to judge many by the on-line posting of a few. If we were judged by the few infamous aggitators in our ranks everyone would hold us in disregard.

Perhaps there is less chirping from the flat lands due to their expectations of a banged up Buck limping home with another loss.

Try living among them!! I grew up outside of Hamilton with the usual tepid hatred of all things Toronto (except the Blue Jays) but since moving out here....I find myself hating Bombers and a large contingent of their fans more than the Argos. Now that MUST be saying something!!!

Wallace wrote: Try living among them!! I grew up outside of Hamilton with the usual tepid hatred of all things Toronto (except the Blue Jays) but since moving out here....I find myself hating Bombers and a large contingent of their fans more than the Argos.
It's hard to hate on mere dozens of T.O. fans... especially considering they have our sympathies.. :P
The Bombers have been outscored in every quarter, but the third. Winnipeg is -13 in the first quarter, -26 in the second and -1 in the fourth. The team is +48 in the third quarter. Whatever head coach Paul LaPolice is telling his players at halftime, it’s working.
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