Cats/Als to play in Moncton --Sep 21st

According to Drew Edwards of the Hamilton Spectator , Cats and Als will hook up in Moncton on Sep 21st. --He also said full CFL schedule to be released to-morrow. -------I believe this game in Moncton will sell out rather quickly.

Just like the first involving my Argos, I hope to attend this one.
It should be a beauty.

NOTICE TO CFL OFFICE: Lets hope the league makes decent tickets available for Maritime CFL fans to attend. Season ticket holders in Hamilton should be allowed 1 for 1 ticket purchases. I tried to buy tickets last year when they went on sale and all that was left was end zone seating. Everything between sidelines had be sold to Hamilton fans and Sponsors. In spite of the game being put together with $800 000.00 of ACOA money. Be fair Cohon !

Very interesting point.

Tough to accelerate a fan base when locals don't see the game I guess. They should be setting a date before season tickets go on sale, selling them for 2 weeks, then season ticket holders get their crack at remnants. That or say 10 year holders can buy season tickets, then locals, then remaining season ticket holders.

Too bad with the TiCats having no home for 2013 they couldn't play two games in Moncton

I agree with you, they could have had back to back two weeks in a row?

ATV's report on the Moncton game and hopes for a CFL franchise...


I found this somewhat interesting to-day while listening to a CBC Moncton report on the Cats/Als game this fall. It seems there is something of a controversity brewing over monies paid ($180,000) by the city to the cfl for this game. Some city councillors are concerned over these monies. (and don’t get wrong ,this is their job to question expeditures)

Apparently , the $180,000 is going to be used to pay travel/accomodation expenses for the two teams , cover the track to protect it from damage, transport the temp. stands from the band concert area and errect them I suppose. I found it interesting (and I believe it was cflsteve that pointed this out previously ) that the stands are readily available and do not have to be rented , this has to cut down on costs for sure.

Anyways ,CBC went to the streets of Moncton for comments on the above mentioned expeditures by the tax-payers and I was pleasantly supprised how positive the reaction was from the interviewees. —The point that came across to me from the interviews was , “one has to spend money to make money, kinda thing”.—prudent business thinking , I would say.
It was also pointed out that by bringing the game to Moncton ,the economic spin off etc would be between $ 6-10 million for the city/area.---- plus of course the all important free national TV exposure.

—Just thought I would pass this along as it is the slow off season.

Moncton is just one of the coolest small cities in Canada and its population some of the nicest people you will find anywhere. Most are probably proud to be part of the CFL even if it for just one weekend a year. 180k is a bargain. Compare that to the 800k Halifax spent on the Black Eyed Peas concert where tickets were being given away free at the door in front of people who had paid 89.00 for their tickets...

I agree, but one must remember that a government is not simply a business. Yes, they need to be fiscally responsible, but they are also responsible for helping promote community growth on cultural, recreational, and entertainment levels. Same argument I have used for local governments chipping in on a is growth to the community. Should the government cut funding to art galleries, parks, festivals, etc...i mean, hey it costs money. I have always hated it when people say 'it should go to hospitals and teachers.' Hey, I hope they get all the money they could ever need, don't get me wrong, but the government is responsible for more than dollars and cents (err nickles...I guess their are no more pennies right).

This is a step towards the government trying to bring in a new sports it CFL or other. These attract new residents and create revenue, as well as develop the social aspect of the community.