Cats Add Two

looks like we r finally gettin sumtin done

*  Kendall Newson
* Jovan Witherspoon

A more accurate version of this quote is: "we are finally making public announcements of some of the the things we have been getting done."

A Charlie Taffe led coaching staff have every intention of winning. Charlie has built winning football teams everywhere he has gone in his coaching career.

Charlie and Marcel and the rest of the staff have been working -very- hard on building a team we will all be proud of in a few months.

It just nice to see some Movement ..
on the good side for a Change..

I hope so Bob. lol i cant stand another losing season :smiley::smiley:

Judging by his comments in the press release, Desjardins seems to be particularly excited about landing Witherspoon. This player has apparently been pursued by the Ticats for a while, and it sounds like he could be special.

This is what we fans want. Please keep the "exciting young potential stars" player-signing announcements coming.

Well, with 25% of the roster
with number 0 (16 of 64 players now),
they will need a bunch of 'Hello My name is' tags at training camp.

Oskee wee wee

With only a few minor corrections the above could have been from 2004, 2005 or 2006.

Most fans believe, if they're not already convinced, that C and M have "every intention of winning".That's the least one could ask or else they wouldnt have been hired here or anywhere in football.

There are alot of fans who have seen it all in Tiger-Cats football. Just about every way a team can win and lose a game and a multitiude of ways an ownership can inflate and rapidly deflate hopes.
They're not easily satiated with promises when the promises are a direct contradiction to what is on the field.
They do not need the media or the internet to know when an organization is effective or not.They're intelligent and realistic and realize it takes time to build something and will be patient and appreciative of effort that is put in to do so....

But it's time to stop telling us and start showing us and proving it to us in the standings.

they're not easily satiated with prmises when the promises are a direst contradiction to what is on the field.
But no one is on the field yet...and no one in the current management had anything to do with last years team.

im looking at both of these's guys' bio's n there stats and backround rnt that great?? they both barley seen playing time nehwre they were, how do the cats know there good an even have potential if they barley played pro??

Its about time Bob came on here and straightened us guys out. :smiley:

Zontar wrote:
"But it's time to stop telling us and start showing us and proving it to us in the standings."

That's pretty hard to do when the season has not started yet. Save this pronouncement for October-November. Then you will be qualified to be a skeptic if nothing changes.
Until then, I am glad to see the shake-up thats gone on so far. Great effort on the part of the Caretaker..and then Marcel and Charlie. This team has nowhere to go but up.
However I also think it will take 2 or 3 years before the results of the changes show in a consistent way. Thats OK...its what re-building is all about.

CFL is quite unlike MLB or NHL with farm systems where you have the luxury of time to develop talent of individual players from which fans can expect things to get better down the road.

Combined with competing leagues, free agency and relatively short contracts and now a cap the CFL is about taking the season one year at a time.

To think fans will be patient enough to sit through multiple years of a renovation is ridiculous.

When fans are told there is going to be improvement this season there has to be evidence of that improvement and that means winning this season

There is no next year.

Jovan Witherspoon and DeVon Fowlkes would probably agree that life in the football business takes some interesting, unexpected turns.

Here is an excerpt from an article by Kevin Seifert and Judd Zulgar entitled "Vikings: WR cut to give chance to others" in the Dec 26/06 edition of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune where they report the release of wide receiver Marcus Robinson and possible replacements:

"Wide receiver Rashaun Woods, a first-round pick of San Francisco in 2004, was among seven players the Vikings worked out Tuesday. The Vikings were among the teams interested in Woods after he was waived in August by San Diego in part because receivers coach Darrell Wyatt was Woods' position coach for a season at Oklahoma State.

Woods, who spent the 2005 season on injured reserve because of torn ligaments in his thumb, was claimed off waivers by Denver but failed his physical and has been on the free-agent market.

He could be a candidate to replace Robinson. The Vikings also worked out receivers Davon Fowlkes(Appalachian State) and Jovan Witherspoon (Central Michigan).

The Vikings also took a look at defensive backs Chip Cox (Ohio), Wally Dada (Washington State) and Stanford Samuels (Florida State) and running back Kenton Keith (New Mexico State)."

That is quite the co-incidence. Jovan Witherspoon and Davon Fowlkes worked out for the Minnesota Vikings on the same day just over two months ago...and a little over two months from now, they will attend training camp to compete for a receiver position with the Ticats!

To think fans will be patient enough to sit through multiple years of a renovation is ridiculous.

When fans are told there is going to be improvement this season there has to be evidence of that improvement and that means winning this season

Then I guess you'll just have to keep your comment until the season because it would be impossible to tell what these players are going to do and how successful Mgmt will be.

I personally believe Charlie would not come here if he didnt like the situation and felt he couldnt contribute right away.

I can tell you for Fact
We have some of the Brightest Minds In football Today
Coaching for us this year.

Rod Rust just blew My Mind when we talked
Charley is Very Different Coach then Greg Marshall
Not as Animated that for shure
Very Clam to Point
Get your job done kind of coach.
Someone who will hold the Respect of our Players
Something Greg Lost

I think He get the best out of our Young WR we have.
Cause do have alot of Youth there and or Course Mike.

Things are off to roaring start this season with the new-old defensive co-ordinator stepping aside before the season.

In a world of fantasy, this organization would be simply unbelieveable. Unfortuneately, this is real. The best script writers couldn't come up with this stuff. Our own caretaker was on the right track when he used the Wizard of Oz as a metaphor.

If it was as easy as tapping our heels together, this nightmare could have been over along time ago.

The amusing part is everyone always screams for other teams free agents, forgetting that every great player has to get his start somewhere. I remember years back being at a game and seeing a new LB jog out onto the field before the game. Who the heck is that, we all asked. Some kid named Zambiasi...Never heard of him...Dude turned out to be a pretty fair ball player. People need to chill and give Marcel and Charlie a chance to put their program in place.