Cats Add Trio To Secondary

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that they have signed import defensive backs Sir James Delgardo, Dwight Anderson and Terrence Wood.


we have to be getting close to full capacity. i was really hoping they would sign Ray Thomas back. does anyone officially know how much room is left on the roster?

I was hoping for some more import receivers to be signed.

Interesting that two are Arena league signings. My uninformed thought is that the transition back to the big field (an even bigger one than played on before) would be difficult and that the skill set of a great Arena league DB is quite different than that of a CFL DB.

Is there anyone out there who knows how such transition have gone? It's an interesting train of thought.

These guys are good.

funny to see the cats signing the big tall receivers height > 6' and all 3 of these DB's are 5'10" - 5'11"

hard to find quality DB's over 6' that aren't already snapped up by the NFL.

true enough - I just couldnt help but point out the glaring irony

Do we actually have to call him 'Sir'?

Yes you have to call his Sir! Its like Prince Wembley III you have to call him by his full name.

Good signings in the new SMS you have to have depth at all positions.

So uh, is the sir like a title he was honoured with, or is it just his first name? Cause if it's his first name, thats awesome haha.

Wow everyone brings up such good points...I don't think any of these guys will see much playing time...I can't see these guys being here long

An interesting fact is that new Ticat defensive back Dwight Anderson and Kevin Timothee, who was signed by the Ticats in September 2006, were both cornerbacks with the St. Louis Rams during the 2006 NFL pre-season. Since they have already trained together in the NFL, it would be good to see them on the field together at the cornerback positions during the Ticat pre-season games.

Ddidnt Timothee get kicked out of a game last year for absolutely destroyed a PR and ignoring the 5-yards rule?

yes it was him...but from what I remember he was just about 5 yards but not quite thats why the penalty was called...if he was one yard back then it would have been totally clean...but an absolute monstrous hit either way...I loved it no matter if he got ejected or not! haha :thup:

lol yeh i remeber that hit it was killer, but he admitted he totaly got caught up in the mix with nfl rules he blanke dotu in the heat of the moment and wanted to make an impression, and he forgot about the 5 yard rule and thought he was sitll in college hahha