well its good to see somthing productive in tryigng to improve our lb corpse we r definatley weak in that area wheer personally i felt armour was our only solid one last year, moreno sounds like a keeper neways

LB "corps", Blitz. "LB corpse" may be apt for the play of said unit over the last few years, although I am not so judgemental. :smiley:

is there a link?

Oski Wee Wee,

Found it:

[url=] ... &nid=14373[/url]

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I am more familiar with Zeke Moreno than Michael Nattiel. Moreno was a pretty good LB with the Chargers. It will be interesting to see how they do in camp.

Oski Wee Wee,


Looking forward to Seeing both Battle in Camp.

Another Ex Charger. I wonder if Mike McCarthy had anything to do with this. Didn't Tay Cody play for the Chargers as well? :thup:

Cody was a 3rd round draft pick for the Chargers in 01 - the same year they drafted Moreno in the 5th round (and some guy named Tomlinson in the 1st round); also on the Chargers roster back then: Davis Sanchez, Dave Dickenson, and Trevor Gaylor & Raleigh Roundtree (both with the Esks now); and in their TC in 01: Scott Schultz, Bart Hendricks, Reggie Hunt, Dondre Gilliam.
Chargers have always had lots of CFL connections it seems - players who started there and later went to the CFL, or, CFL players getting a FA shot there (like Tony Champion signed for a try out in 87); other examples - drafted Clifford Ivory; Ryan Thelwell and Darren Flutie played receiver there; Glenn Young started at LB for them for a bit; didn't Hank the shank Illesic punt there one or 2 seasons way back?