'Cats Add Montez Murphy Delete Michael Landry

I'd be surprised if he started this week. They have probably just brought him in to do an evaluation and see if he has something to offer. Hopefully he will bring something to the table, and maybe he can help us through the injury to Adams.

As far as a sacks vs. pressures goes, a sack is obvioulsy a great end result, but you can't get one without first having pressure. I would say having consistent pressure on the QB, is more important than having a lot of sacks. You cannot win in this league if you just blitz all the time in an attempt to sack the QB. You will get burned. If you put the QB under pressure, it will make things very difficult for the opposition. The key is to mix up the plays and provide contained pressure as often as you can.

...lANDRY has just been signed by the Bombers....after he did his spywork for us....goodluck with Murphy... :wink:

And if I recall correctly, Ron Lancaster said that in 1999 when the team gave up very few sacks, and had quite a few of their own. It is rather unfortunate that there is no statistic for the number of times a QB is pressured. Because we have seen how pressuring the QB can lead to picks, intentional grounding calls, and the QB having to throw it away.

I know that Murphy was rejected by two teams. But I think he's just being brought in to improve the depth we have on the D-line, which is something we need with the Adams injury. I'm sure he's an upgrade over Landry anyway.