'Cats Add Montez Murphy Delete Michael Landry

The 'Cats have added former Edmonton Eskimo defensive lineman Montez Murphy. To make room for him they have released Michael Landry. It never hurts to have an experienced D-lineman around especially if Adams is out for any length of time.

Indeed, MP!

Oski Wee Wee,

isnt landry the one we just signed? i feel bad for him if it is but he obviously didnt cut the Mold that Marcel wants

And you can click here to view the transactions section of CFL.ca to confirm that this is true. And if you click here to view Murphy's profile on CFL.ca you'll see he's already listed as being a Ticat.

It says there in that profile that Murphy is a DE. But if Adams will be out for some time, could he be used as a DT? He is 6'6" and weighs 256 lbs...

Yes he was. But we needed an upgrade on the front four, and perhaps Landry can return to his team in the IFL, or whatever that league is called.

We need DT's right now.. not DE. I guess they are content with Kirk and Bolden in the middle and Reid as a backup.

This is a great signing, sorry to see Landry go so soon. But when you bring in a guy like Montez Murphy, there is no question we have just upgraded our defensive line..

If this guy is such an upgrade why did ED let him go.

I'm wondering if Montez can play tackle as well as end. My guess is, that he can. I don't think that K. Long is too far from returning and we need a DT right now. There's been a big drop off in play on the D-line since Adams went down. He had been playing great in the Montreal game until his injury. Adams makes the whole D-line that much better. If he's out a while, then we need to replace him. Kirk and Reid spell off the D-line but they're not starters. :cowboy:

he's nice for depth but i wouldnt get too excited over him... edm released him, winnipeg picked him up in camp and then they released him too..

We may not be getting the sacks, but we ARE getting the "hurries"...

Siggy is right.

"Sacks" are a pseudo stat anyway and they weren't an official stat until fairly recently.

Ronnie always said they were over rated and anyone who has watched the D-line this year can see it- a hurry/pressure is more often than not as good as a sack. Anyone who watched the D-lines of the past knows what a lack of pressure leads to.

EDM made alot of puzzling roster moves in the off season and WPGs D-line was great for a start so it's not all that surprising he was let go.

Pressure is as Good as a Sack if it Causes a Incomplete Passes
That have Stat for Pressure I bid where near the top there.
Sacks are nice but as long get Pressure your Golden

I'm not so sure that I agree that pressure is as valuable as a sack. Is an incomplete pass as valuable as a sack?

Well, assume the opposition has a first and ten. Which would you prefer, pressure causing an incomplete pass, or a sack?

Well the incomplete pass means they're in a second and ten; a sack means, say it's a 5 yard loss, second and 15.

I'd rather put them in second and 15 than second and ten.

Agree with Madjack. Sacks are better because they often take away yards. A pressure may force the team to punt but a sack forces them to punt from further back.

Football is a war of field position and sacks ARE better than just a pressure.

i think the number of sacks are as much a reflection of the teams you have played as they are a reflection of how good your defensive line is playing. A lot of teams put up some impressive stats against the Ticats over the past few years. So, until we have played every team at least once, it might be unfair to make comparisons..... I don't think we will finish in the bottom half when the season is done.

And a pressure can lead to an INT.

.....and a sack can lead to a fumble.
I'll take a sack over a "hurry" any day.

I'll take a sack over a hurry too, but if we remain last in sacks and keep winning I won't cry over the lack of sacks. :smiley:

I'm a little concerned over Murphy being released by EDM AND WPG, but I guess we'll see. Apparently Landry came in too heavy (according to O'Billovich). I just hope Adams and Long make it back soon.

Even when Long comes back I'd like to see McIntyre start. He's always quick, hard hitting, a great run stopper, and never lays down until the plays done. He's a beast.

Wonder if Murphy starts against Ed Sat and what position he'll play.