Cats Add Horne

8) The TiCats today have added former Argo CB, Pacino Horne to their practice roster.
   Horne was released by the Argos on June 17.

Orlando would know how Horne played in Toronto, I'm sure he will be a good added addition to the Cats.

Yeah, but why wait almost 3 months?

Probably $$$$$$$

As a vet he would be due money if on the roster before September 1st.

Only guessing - or he was hoping for another offer somewhere else.

pumped about this signing, ROCK solid secondary now.Probably wont take him long to get in the lineup, he knows Orlondo's defence

The announcement also included something about Gant but wasn't complete. Is he back?

CFL Mobile says he came to A***'s camp with a calf injury..... maybe it was serious enough to take 3 months to heal?

It appears Gant is no longer a TiCat..


The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have added import defensive back Pacino Horne to their practice roster.

Horne, a 5-11, 191-pound product of Central Michigan recorded 34 defensive tackles and four interceptions in 14 games with the Toronto Argonauts last season.

The Ticats also announced that import receiver Ed Gant has been released.

a shame as I thought Gant played well in limited action before being placed in the IR and saw him as excellent depth for the weak side imports.

all the best to him.

Looks like the Cats are fielding the Argos Grey Cup secondary. Pacino Horne is a solid addition.

An Argo-Cat fan

8) Gant was officially released several days ago, but his name still appears on the Injury List.
  His name has never been removed, even on the day he was released, and up to now, which is at least 4 days ago !!
   Strange indeed.

I, too, thought that was strange, Tipper. But, it's not the first time, this season, that the Roster on hasn't matched up with the Transactions on
And, I agree with Tangleweb's comment on Gant. He caught 7 in two games for 123 yds, including a TD, and stands #1 (except for that LeFevour TD reception) on the team for highest average gain per catch. Lack of versatility for STs, compared to the other IMP WRs in camp, may be why he's no longer here.

8) I guess the TiCats do read these forums after all. :wink:
  As of 11 am this morning, Gants name has finally been removed from the Injury List !!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

  As reported earlier, he is no longer with the Cats.  He was officially released several days ago.

I salute the coaching staff and Austin. The Cats have continually shown that they will not tolerate
mediocrity . Last week B.C burned our corners for long plays. This is unacceptable because the
corners ( Davis & Brown ) need to make those plays. Instead of hoping for improvement they
have gone looking for an upgrade. Even if Horne doesn’t play they have sent a huge message.
Give it everything you have in practice , the film room and on game day or we will make moves
to get better. This is an improvement from the approach taken during Bob O’billovich’s time as GM
where we had to tolerate Young, Rwabukumba, hinds, Thomas, Murrillo, and others who did not
get the job done. This team wants to win.

Pacino Horne is an interesting addition to the team.Just wondering though how will they fit him onto the roster and at whose expense? Currently the Cats have 4 import D.B.'s and 6 import L.B.'s on the active roster.They also have Breaux on the 1 game I.L. and Bowman currently on 9 game,as well as Hobbs on p.r.

My guess would be that they place Greene,Bussey and Davis on I.L. or P.R. and activate Horne,Bowman and Breaux
to the active roster.....this would create a D-Backfield of Webb/McCollough/Brown/Horne/Breaux with Can. Stephen
and Bucknor or King rounding it out.The L.B.'s would consist of Johnson/Murray/Lawrence/Isaac/Bowman with Plesius
and Beswick as canadians.Horne can do nothing but strengthen our Defense for the stretch drive,and would
surprisingly bring our total of Ex-Argos on D up to a total of 4 or a 3rd of our back 7.Hopefully Pacino gets up to snuff
in a hurry and gets activated for the game on Sat. against the Lions. :thup:

True, but there also comes a time when you need to commit to the guys you have and not treat them like a Winnipeg QB. Right now though, Austin looks to be trying to find that core group of guys for the team. I'm fine with him doing it this year and for the start of next year. After that though...these kind of constant cuts can become a problem. found this,interesting,P.Horne describing his 1rst ever CFL int. :thup: