Cats Add FA RB Daryl Stephenson

I think this could be a good pickup from Winnipeg. At 6'2" and 228, and with his impressive numbers at Windsor (both yards and carries), this could be an option for those short-yardage plays that we have struggled with for the past couple of seasons. I'm sure he will also be another solid performer on special teams. The other positive is Daryl is from London, so he should be quite happy to be a little closer to home.

While I still expect Cobourne to be the feature back in our offense, there are certainly times when you want to have a second option to hand the ball off to, and/or to provide a lead block. Stephenson may get the oportunity to fill that role.

Welcome to the Ti-Cats.


There still is a role for a guy like this in the CFL I say as long as he can do special team duties reasonably well.