Cats Add Clement: Cut Who?

Today's signing of Chase Clement brings a fifth quarter back to training camp. Assuming only four will break camp and start the season, who will be cut?


My vote is Glenn. I know many will say we need to have at least one experience QB on the team, but I say go with the young guys and let the chips fall where they may.

I think they will hold Trafalis Porter and Glenn for the Training Camp and put Clement and Boltus with the Rookies Camp.

If they both show well in the Rookies Camp then perhaps we will see all five at the Training Camp. One will be released/traded before the season starts.

The "stats" look good on what we are bringing to camp but we will see when the "pros" take their shots in pre-season games.

I like what I'm seeing so far, but hey...we haven't played a down yet :wink: !

There is the added reality that in training camp, those initial couple of weeks require a lot of balls in the air for drills, etc. It is prudent to have an extra arm or two around as camp gets underway to be able to keep QB arms fresher. It is often the case that there is separation between lower levels in the depth chart fairly quickly (e.g. between #3 and #4), but a lower-ranked guy is kept around for a while anyway to help fill the air with pigskin. I would expect that with the crop of young QBs being brought in that we could see four QBs total with the Cats at the end of this (with one staying on the practice roster).

Oski Wee Wee,

Given training camp - with only 2 pre-season games - is a short time for a new QB to impress, you may see 3 on the active roster, 1 on the practice squad and 1 with a hang nail on IR.

At least for the first few games in case we see a QB get hurt .

No way would I ever go with a rookie back up, unless they plan on tanking the season, then sure go for it.

Porter : It's his team until he proves he can't do it .
Glenn: Not going anywhere for at least a year.
Tafralis: Hasnt seen enough to do enough to cement a place on the team.

Boltus, Clement and Tafralis battle for third. wouldnt be surprising at all if it was Tafralis who gets squeezed out.

It does appear to be Tafralis' job that's open to competition. I like the idea of the fifth guy going on the IR with some type of upper body injury for awhile to see how things develop.

Walkerclan has the best scenerio

question..can we not keep all 5?..or is there a limit of qb's that you can have on the roster?
3 active 2 on the practise..(if the rookies impress)

I compliment the Tiger Cats for marketing Kevin
as a mentor and dependable back up to Quinton Porter.

It has definitely reduced fan's expectations for Kevin.

in Ockman's case they seem to have been reduced to zero.

When the Ticats brought in Jason Maas
and Casey Printers at quarterback,

the media marketed them as saviors
for the team, especially Casey.

When they both faltered and failed
fan cynicism here hit new heights.

Marcel has taken some of the pressure off Quinton
by saying that the starting QB job is his to lose.

The fans are aware that Quinton has limited CFL experience and
they won't put the kind of pressure they put on Jason and Casey.

Kevin is, not only an experienced CFL quarterback,
but he was CFL Eastern All Star quarterback in 2007.

The Ticats very shrewdly didn't market his All Star status
like they marketed Casey Printers status as CFL MVP in 2004.


IMO, Quinton Porter has far more natural skills and ability
but Kevin has shown he knows what to do with what he has

I am writing off 2008 as an off year for Kevin.

He will prove his worth to the Ticats this year.

Your vote? This isn't American Idol. How do you write off a qb before a single practice has taken place? I'm sure that's how the coaching staff does it. Put the names on a chalkboard and say, "Who votes that we cut _____?"

Training camp will decide who gets cut. There was an article about it this week about rookie camp. They clearly stated that Porter and Glenn are going into camp as number 1 and 2, presumably, and the other three will be evaluated at the rookie camp. They want to make the best decision at the qb position. It was stated that if they need more time to evaluate the qb's then all five could end up at the main camp.

Oh relax. This is just some pre-season speculation...a.k.a. fun.

I thought you were not suppose to tell who you voted for.
Isn't this suppose to be a suprise?

Here is the nfl draft analysis on Boltus and Clement: ... s?id=81274 and ... t?id=89700 .

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