Cats Add CDN Depth

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We interupt the NFL handwringing and dreaming for this announcement.

A young non import for depth and special teams. Always seem to come in handy.

Never heard of this guy. But BC drafted him originally, so Obie must know him well and like him.

In my opinion, this move (aquiring Canadian special teams depth) may suggest that the Cats are ready to deal away another Canadian special team player/second stringer soon in a trade (ex. Piercy). Or that they will not be re-signing Beveridge.


If you are suggesting that Radlein might be dealt, yes, I wouldn't be surprised if he or Piercy are traded soon for receiver or DB help. Especially in light of this latest Obie aquisition.

Actually, one would think Radlein would be dealt before Piercy because he is probably making more $, and is older.

John Williams now a Ti-Cat.

Also reported on TSN:

He may be just let go and not dealt. Alot more employable players than he are without contracts right now.

93 yards rushing in 5 seasons?

Not so great.. as he is not a FB.

He's strictly special teams.

zenstate: Obie likely believes he has good potential and just needs a chance to play more.

We have 3 good Runnings backs now
plus 2 FB and TE/FB
Why add a Canadian with Limted Playing time in past 5 seasons.

This makes no sence at this point in Time.
future considerations Always Worries me as a Fan.

We have 3 good Runnings backs now plus 2 FB and TE/FB Why add a Canadian with Limted Playing time in past 5 seasons.

This makes no sence at this points.
future considerations Always Worries me as a Fan.

He is ST player...dont worry

Maybe Obie wants the teams #3 RB to be Canadian since the current one (Antoine Bagwell #35) is an import.

"Future considerations" usually means the team who we are dealing with will receive a player of equal value if Williams makes our roster. Because Williams is really just a special teams guy, at most we would flip a special teams guy like Gauthier, Mike Roberts, Glavic or Nedd back to Toronto to seal the deal. One of these names may be flipped to Toronto in that fashion before they are cut by Hamilton, like Kornegay was flipped to the Riders last year for (I think it was) French and Anderson.

He could be the next Mariuz. Mariuz was a Special Teams guy in Toronto but developed into a passable LB in Hamilton. You can never have too many Canadians who can play more than Special Teams, even as depth guys.

An Argo-Cat fan

You need a non-import running back to fill the roster spot of Jesse Lumsden if/when he gets injured. It doesn't mean Williams has to start for Lumsden, just take his roster spot unless the team wants to completely juggle it's line-up. On another note, Williams the RB, is the son of former Ticat great, cornerback John Williams who was a tough hitting S.O.B.. A false story making the rounds is that Williams Sr. and Jr. are the only father and son combo to win the Grey Cup. In fact, two others who turned the trick were Wayne Harris in 1971 with the Calgary Stampeders and his son Cooper Harris in 1999 with our own Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Mightypope is the POPE of Tiger-Cat historia. Bow your heads.

Geez I hope we don't get rid of Radlein because we traded for a RB who at 31 is 4 years older than Rads and who has less than 100 yards rushing in his career stats.

John Williams played at Waterdown District High School. Good to see us picking up a local guy.

Split carries? Hardly. Rads could get more yards running the ball than the 93 yards this guy has in his 5 year career. I'm sure he doesn't block like Rads and I'm sure he doesn't bruise linebackers who have to tackle him like Rads does. My point is that if we keep Piercey and get rid of Rads to open up room for Williams as Canadian insurance at RB.... Obie made a mistake. And maybe Williams has some special teams tackles to his credit... but every Argo game I watched i never heard of the guy. It was usually Eiben getting there first. As a matter of fact, if we used Rads on special teams more.... running down and smacking the hell out of kick returners.

To be honest, I couldn't feel less excited about this trade if I tried. We didn't need any help at RB and while I understand Pope's point about the roster spot, I'd be a lot happier if we could find some help on D. Get Armour and Beveridge and Bradley re-signed and I'll be much happier.