Cats add a veteran LB

Cats have signed Jamall Johnson.

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Looks like the cats had a reason to cut Siskowic. Good signing :thup:

Only prob is could take a few weeks to slot him into the game. Hopefully he's a quick learner, we could use his talent asap.

I'll bet he will play in BC :thup:

Welcome aboard Mr. Johnson. :rockin:

Now that you mention it, I think you're right. When we signed Chris Davis he played the same week, as did alain Kashama, etc.

I just noticed in his stats that he had 6 sacks last year for BC. 6 is pretty damn good for a LB.

I think he will play in BC also. He just had mini-camp with Tampa Bay not long ago so he would still be in game shape. He probably won't start right away but I bet they plug him in for at least a few plays.

If they get him in the line up, there's a good chance he'll start, since there are very few back up import positions. My guess is that either they'll sit Haley and move Floyd to MLB, or to keep Haley getting more game experience, they'll sit Cody Williams and hope that they only need one back up db, or, possibly, sit an import receiver to get him in.

This was a great signing and will help our defense a lot.

Young veteran linebacker who was great for BC last year. I thought BC would still have his rights but I guess it is BC's loss and Hamilton's gain.. There is a reason Johnson was invited to an NFL camp, he is a great linebacker.

Now lets just hope if Cameron Wake doesn't plan out in Miami, Obie can lure him here as well... That would be the signing that gets Obie enshrined as the greatest GM this team has ever had in its entire existence.. :lol:

This is a good signing. In addition to his CFL linebacking experience with the Lions, he was an accomplished special teams player with 26 tackles last year. He was also a safety in college and during his tryout period with Tampa Bay this year.

By the way, back in 2005 when Johnson was eligible for the NFL Draft, he recorded the following Pro Day results as shown on the Next Level Scouting website:
"senior safety/linebacker JAMALL JOHNSON ran between 4.48 and 4.56 in the 40... 4.28 short shuttle... 7.39 three-cone... 39.5" vertical... 10'2" broad jump and also did 15 reps of 225 pounds"

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we all new Hulk was not staying this great move by the Team.
Just hope it Pans outs

Does anyone know what linebacker position Johnson plays ., I am assuming he plays the strong side linebacker that Knowlton currently holds since he did start last year in BC and Floyd played the weak side linebacker postion with Klatt playing the middle .

I noticed in the Argo game that they ran alot ot Knowlton's side and with an offensive tackle heading towards Knowlton he was over matched . I find too that Knowlton is never very close to the line of scrimmage ...this ticat team is too easy to run against without a true run stuffing middle linebacker and 2 new Defensive Ends and a weak Non import defensive tackle that can get out matched ...not too mention the undersized SAM linebacker in knowlton .

i think the solution could be to put Johnson in Knowltons spot and Knowlton at one of the DB spots . I still think we should give Corey Mace a shot at defensive tackle as we should have the money with all those overpriced tickets and beer at the stadium :slight_smile: not to mention Kenton Keith's injury , Printers , Miles, Lumsden's , Morenos , Guillery's contracts gone...I still think the cats spend the least amount of money on players and that is u huge reason why we are always at the bottom .

This year Floyd, Glenn , and maybe Goodspeed and Gauthier or making decent money but not many others . Maybe Presche ,Setta, and Knowlton make ok money

If Hamilton signs Cameron Wake, that would make Wally Buono the dumbest GM in the league, and we all know that is not the case . . . I guarantee you, in the unlikely event that Wake does not become a great Special Teams player in Miami, he will return to the BC Lions.

And before we start annointing Obie with any extraordinary accolades, I just want to remind you that he is still the genius who traded away the leading tackler in the CFL for nothing at all (let's not dwell on that one), but he had 6 months to find an adequate replacement, and I am not convinced that he has managed to do that yet. How many more former BC Lions can we fit onto this roster ??


Wake is in his Option year he have Return to BC
If he fails to Make the Phins but H'e'll make it

He may not start.
Dolphins signed Jason Taylor to start after they signed Wake.

I would have like to have seen the Ticats add a vertran DE.

Montez Murphy :thup: