Cats add 5 to development roster

Hamilton, Ontario – The Hamilton Tiger-Cats added five players to their development roster today:

IMP DL Quinton Caver
IMP DB Sir James Delgardo
IMP WR Talman Gardner
IMP WR Keenan Howry
NIP DB Nick Kordic

On the roster page, it indicates that this is the DR:

IMP LB Jamacia Jackson
IMP DB Sir James Delgardo
IMP WR Talman Gardner
IMP WR Keenan Howry
NIP DB Nick Kordic

That is Jackson listed, not Caver.

The team roster can be found at ... iew&team=6 .

Oski Wee Wee,

How long do you think Talman Gardner will stay on the practice roster?

I'll give him untill saturday or week 2 of the season at the most lol he is just too dang good to be running scout offence for our defence.

i guess someone made a mistake then...

It is listed on as the roster is listed. I assumed the roster is accurate if it is posted on the league site as is, but only The Shadow knows... LOL :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

I am very pleased to see the Cats keep Kordic and Gradner.

Ya I think they just typed the wrong player in its no big deal they will most likely fix it soon. I'm more happy to see Talman Gardner on that list than anything else.

So I am I Gbonds88

But Knew Yesterday he was on it..

y did richie williams not on it

because he was too busy making the active roster

Because richie williams is on the active roster. The team kept all 4 QB's but I heard that they want to evaluate all 4 further before deciding who to trade... whether that is accurate or not.. shrugs

I think Richie will go on the practice roster once the team needs the extra active roster spot for a player that will not be backing up the back up's back up if you get what I'm saying. LOL

I'm glad to see that Gardner is sticking around but what I don't understand is how Arceneaux made the team and did nothing and Gardner is on the practice roster? Makes little sense to me.

Richie Williams or Butler will be on there way out soon. They'll need the roster spot. Neither guys impressed me at all.

The roster page has now been fixed to reflect this list, GBonds88 :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Gardner looked like he popped his shoulder on Friday's game. That could be why he's on the DR...

See oski-oui-oui I knew we could get to the bottom of this Ti-Cat Crisis! LOL

Also if Gardner was hurt don't you think they would have said something and put him on the injury roster? Ah well it don't matter now anyway.

And its IMP DL Quinton Caver not IMP LB Jamacia Jackson people everything will be ok!
(Still could care less as long as Gardner was on the list) LOL

He a Stinger issuie with his Shoulder..
IMO He need to add Some More Muscle to stop litle Nagging Injuries.

He already great pass Catcher.
His problem is he just little to fragle
This can be fixed by the Tranning Staff and Coaches.

They should replace Howry with Jamaica Jackson. Jackson played too well not to be offered a spot

On game days, they dress 42 and place 4 on the reserve list right? Is this reserve list different from the injured-reserve list?

Anyways... I doubt they'll dress 4 QBs. One will be a healthy scratch each week and I'm sure we'll hear of a trade or a release by week 3 or 4.

It's encouraging to see a debate about the practice roster.