Cats add 2 more

Chris Williams IMP KR/WR (the key neg. lister in the Prechae trade) and Trae Williams IMP DB.

Sowing the seeds for next year's Training Camp.

We need one of the new DBs to prove he's game worthy so we can have a back up in the line up. Unless one of the injured guys comes back that is.

Other than that, I like our entire roster. In the next draft we need to find another receiver and DB (to back up Hinds). If a traditional FB is available he could be used with Fournier thus freeing up Brown and Schmidt for receiver/TE duty.

In this year's draft i'd go WR first and foremost.Bauman will likely sign with Winnipeg in the off-season, Nicolson is nothing more than a backup IMO and Stala can't do it all himself, despite the fact he's totally amazing.Do we still own our first round pick?

At this point the best Bauman can hope for is a backup role. The bummers have three NIP receivers on their active roster and three more on the PR. Nicholson is one the nine game IR with a concussion which is concerning. Carter has been used sparringly since returning from his concussion. We might see Bauman back in black and gold next year. My priority would be a backup to Hinds in next year's draft.

I really hope that Bradley and/or Shivers is back before the end of the season. We still need help back there.

As far as next year goes, you can never have enough Canadian Olineman and Receivers. We need to start looking to backfill on the line, as Hudson, and Gauthier are getting up there. Carter has played well, and if they can ever convince Sam Giguere to sign, I’m not as concerned about our receivers.


We drafted a backup to Hinds this year.Chris Rw... something or other lol.Went back to school and should sign for 2011.I say we draft one in a later round.

Chris Rwabukamba. He went back to Duke for his senior season, much like Hinds went back to New Hampshire for his the year before.

I agree, no need to get a DB early.

If we're talking a draft, I would take an offensive lineman or a linebacker with my first/second pick.

We could really use a young LB to learn under Otis, who I think only has one year, maybe two, left in him.

I think the plan is to use Ike Brown when Otis is finished. But I don't see anything wrong with developing a canadian middle linebacker in case Brown doesn't pan out. The reason I mentioned linebacker is because Mariuz is 30(although he's still great on special teams) and Auggie is 31(I don't remember him making a lot of ST tackles this year).

If we're talking linebackers, I think we should get this guy, just for his name:



Forget the name, did you see what his hometown is? :o

zoinks! missed that.

I remember hearing about Chris Williams at the time he was acquired in the Rodriguez trade. I thought he could be the kind of KR that we needed at the time. I was disappointed to hear about him signing with a UFL team. But then we brought in a KR/RB that the Riders released that made us forget about Williams. :slight_smile:

It might be good to have him. But I have to wonder if a player who was cut by a UFL team prior to the start of the UFL season is the kind of player we can get that excited about.

It seems the Rodriguez trade didn't do a lot for the teams involved in it.

And while we're on the topic of the draft, here's a list of prospects eligible for the 2011 draft: