Cats add 2 Ex-NFL Pivots

Could Williams is thru here? They can't bring 5 (or 6) QBs to training camp or nobody will get enough reps to be ready for the season. Everybody but Porter (and Glenn if we get him) will have about 3 days to prove themselves before the axe falls.

Another thought - one way of interpreting this move is that it puts downward pressure on Kevin Glenn's salary demands should Winnipeg release him. I don't think Glenn is the answer by any means, but a depth chart that looks like: [Porter + 2 of Tafralis, Betts, Meyer] makes me very nervous. They have less than 4 CFL games experience combined.

Or maybe Tafralis is thru and Williams stays? I feel alot more confident about [Porter + Williams + 1 of Betts or Meyer]. I like that Richie's scrambling abilities scares other teams...the game that they won when he started and Caulley started at tailback was great.



I don't mind Williams filling in here and there but to me he's not a long term answer. I'm a little scared that none of these guys have a lot of experiance, but we've tried guys with experiance in the last few years with very little success. Porter showed he's a player, but with teams now having more "tape" on him I wonder if he regresses a little bit? I hope not. I'm hoping one of the guys we signed can step up and be a number two guy or even better 1A. I wonder if the Colts somehow talked the Cats into taking Betts so he can get some playing time? Interesting? Hopefully they give us back Gigure.

I agree with you Pat. Well said.

Thanks for your perspective Coltfan, and thanks for posting here. Please come back often and check to see how Josh does. The dynamics of the game in Canada are a little different, but from what our GM has said, and what you've pointed out, it sounds like he can be a pretty good fit.

We'll watch him with interest, and hope you do too.

If we sign their players then the Colts are obviously OUR farm team. :smiley:

Good one. I wish I thought of that one!

Wait a mintue...I did!

Look back 7 posts. :wink:

Next will be Marvin Harrison.
Just released from the Colts.

We just need to come up with $4 million or so!

I agree with a previous poster - something has to give at QB before TC, we can't go into TC with 5 relatively inexperienced QBs, none of them will get enough reps.

I see Williams as the odd man out - perhaps we can trade him for something?

But as other posters have pointed out, who wants the 3rd or 4th (maybe 5th?) string QB from a team with our record last year.

Gotta be something cooking - maybe it'll unfold at the CFL congress here next week?

I checked out there site and put this story up and one guy said ,is indy becoming a farm team for the CFL .lol QP is going to be our man, I am betting the farm on him.

My guess is Williams is done in Hammertown. The blue team spoke well of him last year. Maybe he can get a gig there. Good luck in any regard.

Here is a detailed scouting report on today's other quarterback signing, Erik Meyer, prior to the 2006 NFL Draft:

[url=] ... ft-Profile[/url]

There is also an interesting bit of information about Josh Betts. Apparently he tied with Charlie Whitehurst for the third highest Wonderlic score (33) among the quarterbacks eligible for the 2006 NFL Draft. The only higher scores were by Travis Lulay (37) and Matt Leinart (35).

One last note. This promises to be a very competitive training camp at the quarterback position. Quinton Porter, Richie Williams, Josh Betts and Erik Meyer were all eligible for the 2006 NFL Draft thus they have indirectly competed with one another before. Adam Tafralis was eligible for the 2008 NFL Draft. All of them eventually signed and/or tried out with NFL teams as undrafted free agents.

DIdn't notice it so you can have all the credit :slight_smile:

Ive seen Betts play and think he is very talented and could be a sleeper. He backed up Ben Roethlisberger at Miami(OH).

Great minds think alike! :thup:

Hey, i just talked to a guy who saw the trailerparkboys walking around Jackson square!

Too bad I missed them

It'd be fun to meet them.

I suspect Porter is still favorite for the starter position. I don’t get excited about star college qb’s or any player who has been an NFL back up for 3 years. These guys will have to prove themselves before I give a whooptie-do about them. I don’t care whose water bottle they carried in the NFL - oooh he backed up Peyton Manning! Who cares? It’s a totally different game, especially for a quarterback. These kids better be prepared to WORK.