Cats add 2 Ex-NFL Pivots

obie signs former nfl qb and former backup to peyton manning on the indianapolis colts Josh Betts.
and also Erik Meyers who was with the oakland raiders and bengals.

GM Bob O'Billovich said Betts' size and his strengths as a pivot are suited to the Canadian game.

"I always thought he was a CFL-type quarterback. He wasn't that tall by NFL standards but he had good mobility and he seemed like a smart guy," O'Billovich said.

The addition of Betts and Meyer brings to five the number of quarterbacks the team has under contract, as they join Quinton Porter, Adam Tafralis and Richie Williams.

ive watched Betts in preseason for the colts and alot of fans out there still wonder why he was let go by indy and why he wasnt ever number 2 behind manning. he looked like a sure fit for 2nd string behind peyton. hes mobile and has a lazer arm. he should be a great addidtion to the team.
-my two cents. yours?

Given the [quarterback] group's collective lack of C.F.L experience, the team may also look to add a veteran QB should one become available.

There's speculation Winnipeg's Kevin Glenn, who is reportedly due
a roster bonus on March 1, may be cut loose by the Bombers.

But O'Billovich said the team isn't actively pursuing an experienced quarterback.

"It's possible if someone becomes available that fits our situation,
but we're not going out of our way to look for anybody right now," he said.

Good finds they might turn out to be but we are still going into the season without a proven quarterback and middle linebacker, not good.

Looks like Indy kept Josh Betts instead of Adam Trafalis on their practice roster.

I agree 100%.

An Argo-Cat fan

8) And a proven Rush End or decent DLine, so far !! :roll:

Interesting resumes and now five QBs on the roster.

Hopefully the TiCats scouting staff is now focused on finding a pass rush.

Last year the Ravens and the Falcons went into the season without a proven quarterback.A couple of years ago my beloved Steelers did the same thing. Would you really want Tommy Maddox over Big Ben? Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco had great rookie seasons last year leading their teams into the playoffs.
The only way to become an experienced quarterback is to play the game. These young guys that we have with the Cats are good and will only get better with experience and good coaching. :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7)

I agree Pat, but those were already pretty solid teams at all the other positions and could support a young QB. Unfortunately I don't see that yet with the Cats. I would settle for a decent, experienced back-up to help out.

We seem to be signing alot of players from the Colts organization. I realize that there is a "Polian" connection but are we becoming an Indianapolis Colts farm team?

Hopefully these guys prove to be good signings which can lead to Hamilton actually having a surplus of talent in a specific area. And that could then lead to trades with other teams to address our areas of weakness.

Sign them, coach them, develop them...then trade one.

Totally agree!!

I'm glad we're not recycling QB's.

The answer is no. But still, it is a pretty good NFL team to be associated with. :wink:

Betts is a good player. He could push Porter.

The only player that would push Porter is Glenn.....when he comes :wink:

We need Kevin Glenn like we need Khari Jones as a QB coach. I guess the next step is to get Cal Murphy as a cheerleader.

Seems like the Colts are our farm team. They're not getting our players, we're getting their's. :wink:

Oh boy...

  1. Porter
  2. Williams
  3. Tafralis
  4. Meyer
  5. Betts
  6. Glenn

At lunch to day I did my normal "colts" google & saw that my favorite QB not named Manningis now a Tiger Cat. You guys got a player in Josh Betts. As a Colts fan I can assure you their are thousands of us that want to know what pictures of Bill Polian Jim Sorgi must have to have kept his job over Betts. Betts clearly outplayed him 2 pre-seasons ago & still remained the 3rd QB.

You guys got a kid with a cannon for an arm, good mobility, & from what I have heard, very smart. He should still be the Colts back up, but I am happy is being given a chance to play.