Cats a mere memory of their former selves!!

When you think of what this team has done in the past years it's just pathetic, imagine in a four team Eastern Conference division where 3 teams make the playoffs and the Argo's and Als have played the last five straight Eastern Conference Finals that's pretty sad and pretty bad.

Who's to blame for a team that could muster only one playoff appearance in the last 5 or 6 years???

David Braley once owned the Ti-Cats now he owns the BC Lions now on their way to their third Grey Cup appearance in the past six years, one win, one loss, possably another win come Sunday. The Management of this team is to blame and don't think making one change in bringing in Desi is enough maybe Bob Young should clean house. Ron Lancaster is way overdue to be let go, what's his record?? Much more losses than wins that's for sure, not only that it was his guidance of the team through all the years following his Grey Cup win in 1999. Everyone said this team was bound for greatness, repeat Grey Cup wins but after the victory in 99 many players either jumped ship to the Argos or were cut or released by Lancaster?? How did Anthony Calvillo ever get away from this team prior to the 98 season, he was willing to play back up to McManus, he ended up backing up Tracy Ham in Montreal and now owns the QB spot.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have had a bad record recently of letting the good players get away and keeping the average. Teams like Montreal, Toronto, BC, Calgary, Saskatchewan and evan Winnipeg have excelled and built stronger teams while Hamilton has lingered in the basement. This team needs much, much more than just one new guy in management they need to build a new foundation altogether and get some quality team players back in Hamilton, players that want to win, know how to win and can get the job done, no more day dreamers because the past six years has been nothing more than a bad dream come true for fans!!

Get it right in 2007 Ti-Cats lets win a few games!!!

dont be so bloody hard on yourselves

Ah yes...but we really need Lucy and Ethel to manage the team!

And you're just coming to this conclusion now??

Worst loss ever: Eric Lapointe

Didn't we trade him for O'Shea... AGAIN?

thought that was forde and miles....