Cats a MAJOR Disappointment

With the 2006 season quickly coming to an end, I am shocked that the Cats aren't in the playoffs, nevermind NOT hosting a playoff game. When the season began, I thought they'd be doing much better than my Argonauts, and could possibly fight for the division lead. They have to be considered a disappointment in the CFL, and that's probably an understatement.

Never fear though, because they SHOULD get better....a LOT better. Maas will get healthy and shine, Ranek will accomplish more of what he's capable, and Holmes should be an MVP if used properly. I say the Cats sign Don Matthews, because he can and will make a team much much better. Although his teams struggle when he leaves, his track record is proven, and he has the Grey Cup rings to back it up. Cats......sign this man and you'll win the Grey Cup soon........unfortunately.

Ranek’s been cut. The new GM Desjardins has firmly stated Matthews is no where near his ideal choice for HC due to his age & health problems.

When is the blue team getting their own site?

Desjardins will fix what Marshall destroyed.

wow, Ranek cut? That'sa shocker, because he's much better than this year. I hope for the competitive sake of the Cats they get Matthews.

No love Ockham?

Sorry TOFAN. Us Cats fans are licking some deep wounds right now.

You're right about Cats being a major disappointment not only this year but for the past five or six.

The blame for the lack luster performance I believe must be placed on the shoulders of guys like Lancaster, yes he was part of the effort that brought us the Grey Cup in 99 and an appearance in 98 but since that time it's been all down hill.

Also what about Greg Marshall a BIG gamble hiring the ex-Western/Mac coach and CFL player as our head coach he was I believe a bigger disappointment than Jason Maas at QB this past season. Greg Marshall said on his way out the door "I only hope I can be remembered for my legacy in Hamilton with some of the players I assisted to bring in" The guy sounds like he is comparing himself to someone like Tom Landry or Bud Grant, legacy??? Marshall will be lucky if he remembered for anything from a player standpoint since many players were here to begin with at the time he joined the team and the new players like Ranek, need I say more, he's gone along wih Chris Brazzel, Kwame Cavill etc.

I believe that Desi will be a good GM for the Cats and make the positive changes necessary to make this a winning team, but I also believe it's time to get rid of certain past management like Ron Lancaster, he was a great QB with Regina, a good coach with Hamilton in 98-99 but not much since than, it's time to move on.

My thoughts exactly.

How many times does it have to pounded into some people's head that Lancaster was NOT the problem the team had from 2000-2003? Does the term BANKRUPTCY mean anything to you? If not, here is a link that can help...

I think the guy understands that , sig' :wink: If you were to quote his whole post...he says in the final line..."it's time to move on"!

Obviously we didn't have the money distractions the last 3 years! The only person in a position of power that is still with the team since bob bought it is Ron Lancaster! With the addition of Marcel and a new HC to be named...we will be moving on! Hopefully with better results! :thup: