Cats a five hundren team ?

Will the Cats be able to turn around their season and go 6 & 3 to get to 500.

Thoughts ?


Will they be able? Yes, I think so.

Will they do it? I hope so, but I don't think it's likely.

For me, the issue now is whether they can improve their performance enough to make the playoffs (beware the crossover) and have some confidence and momentum by that time. I'm by no means wise enough to predict that.

You're wiser than many. But, alas we don't have that crystal ball. How are we know how well the refs will perform on game day? No, it's true we aren't that good yet....but a few bad calls and we're toast. I do like your position. But you should have said....I'm not wise enought to know how the calls will go in the last 9 games.

Anything can happen with 9 games remaining. If we can get on a role during the end of the season, look out. Its better to go 3-6 now than 3-6 to end of the season ! This team is capable if they can get it together !

Steveh...for me its one step further. The minimum goal for this club has to be a Grey Cup appearance and for that to happen they have to host a playoff game. Steve Milton said in his article posted the Spec's web site earlier today, that the last time an Eastern team reached the Grey Cup without hosting a playoff game on the way to it was 42 years ago.

The club's management and coaching staff have to earn their wages and take whatever steps that are needed player personnel wise, schemes etc to in order to win enough games in order to put the Cat's in at least 2nd place in this Division; preferably doing so while finishing the regular season in strong fashion thus entering the playoffs on a strong positive.

9 games left - lots of football to be played and no one in this Division is running away with it (at least not yet). The club still controls its own destiny.

I just checked the East Division Standings for the last 10 seasons. Season point totals for the 2nd place team:

2011 - 20
2010 - 18
2009 - 18
2008 - 16
2007 - 21
2006 - 20
2005 - 20
2004 - 21
2003 - 18
2002 - 16

Even though a 6-3 finish (i.e. 9-9 overall) might do it, I think the Cats have to target a 7-2 finish to give themselves a decent shot at 2nd place.

Pathetic how this season we're begging for .500 when it just wasn't good enough the last 3 years

We could finish .500 and the rides, esks, or nags could cross over and we get no playoff's at all :frowning: We would have to go 7-2 and hope the argos go on a big slide to avoid being eliminated via crossover :thdn:

The prospect of a 500 team is not looking to good rite at this moment especially when you consistantly give up over 400 yards in total offense and you have to score 40 points to win because you're giving up 38.
I know it's not very optimistic on my part. I just can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

8) You have every right not to be very optimistic at this point !! There is not even a glimmer of light at the end of this

   Without massive personel changes to this defence, especially on the D Line, this team is going no where this season.

    If the playoffs were to start today, this team would not even be in them, due to the crossover !!

So you are saying that they will finish 9 - 9 ? so that means they won't get in the playoffs with that record?
I'm hoping for at least a 19 or 20 game season or there is the possibility of 21 games.
To me a season includes the playoffs, a regular season record is meaningless.

I think it will be a crossover this year:

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I gauge a team by the effort I see them put out. This team is without that constant effort. The defense sits back, they don't tackle hard. The offense can score some points but Burris is so inconsistent and his reads are off. The receiving core has not shown me the ability to make the hard catch. Sadly this team is going downhill. I liked the receiving core we had last year.