CATS 2008

I believe 2008 will be a turn around year for the Cats... Final eastern Standings:

  1. Hamilton

What does everyone else think......

Way too Early to tell
But it is Playoffs or Bust this year

I think Toronto and Winnipeg will be the strongest East teams in 2008, with Hamilton and Montreal fighting to avoid a Western crossover from Calgary. Ain't predictions fun?

Oh, and the Grey Cup will be Toronto vs. B.C., with B.C. winning.

Are you serious? Ok the season just ended, and the cats have made 0 progress with improving their team, how do they all of a sudden become first place? last time i checked the cats finished last 4 out of the last 5 seasons or something like that. Its funny to read old fourms from before the season when biast fans were predicting the cats to kill everyone. I agree with ETMRaw although he has the Argos to lose in the GC, at least 1 person with their head on straight.

I think that the east is in trouble. Montreal is slipping fast, TO is about to face an upheaval and they couldn't even beat Winnipeg. Winnipeg was merely the cream of the crap this year and if any other team had some steam they wouldn't have even been in the GC. The only team that has the potential to move up right now is Hamilton. The base is there. A few changes and they can have a very good 2008. You heard it here first.

I think you shouldn't stand on your head when you make predictions. :smiley:

Winnipeg will continue to improve in 2008 and will the best team in the league along with B-C.

It is kind of hard to predict things when nothing has happened yet too many variables can happen during the offseason we dont even have a gm or coaching staff yet so as of right now itd be easy to say we will be dead last. Right now in the east there is so much instability that basically its anyones for the takin with some good/bad offseason moves. Anyone of these 4 teams good very well finnish first or finish dead last there is no real strong team like in the west

i do believe we will play a home playoff game next year at 2nd place however. Winnipeg will take the east by storm and win by a huge margin(but in the playoffs none of that matters)The Boatmen will have a troubled rebuilding year, with a new coach and the possible loss of some key players. MTL will have a rough year as well. My final east standings: WPG-15-3
TOR- 6-12
MTL- 3-15
Edmonton takes the crossover at 7-11

It's too early to make a good prediction in my opinion, this would be a great post to revisit in May-June 2008.

That said, I think unless we make some changes on the field, we won't make the playoffs again. Something is broken, and unless it gets fixed, we'll be right back at square one. Don't get me wrong, we have a lot of good. But things need tweaking if we want to make the playoffs.

My prediction is that the new GM will bring in the people we need, because I think we will spend whatever it takes to have a good team this time out. I think this because I think Bob has realized how important winning is for the fans - he saw the attendance of the last couple games. We need to bring in more expensive verteran players to plug the gaps, basically.

So my prediction is that we will make the playoffs next year, but beyond that, I don't know yet. :slight_smile:

I predict Winnipeg will be first in the
east. and the AL’s,Argo’s and ticats will
be fighting each other for a play-off spot.
Toronto without Clemons will be ordinary.
The Cats with Obie will progress slowly.
maybe playoff spot this year, secind place
in 2009, GREY CUP appearance no earlier
than 2010.
That’s it people!!

Come on Buddy we don't even have a new GM yet let alone know if our new GM wll keep Taaffee give it a rest :roll: Its going to be a longggggggg colddddddd winterrrrrrrr till camp :frowning:

I think you shouldnt drink and go online....

Keep you day job bubble... comedy's not your thing....

My son and I were going threw some old vhs tapes and came across the 99 game. Needless to say he loved it. From 2-16 to champs in a couple of years. Starting by getting a good q.b and topflight receiver, hmm sounds familiar to me Printers and ? we already have a running game. I still see the most significant area of need at db but I think if we stay healthy and Armstead can gel with Printers we could be at minimum 9-9 next year. Fix the db's and either believe in Ralph Brock or replace him with a Geroy Simon or someone of the talent level and we could be even better than that.

Keep your day job Zebo ....predicting aint your thing ....

What a good comeback....

Well, Dieter would love to comply but he's still dealing with the road grating he received from Mike Singletary and co. in the 1986 NFC title game. :wink:

Couldn't resist. :smiley: :wink:

Your idea re Brock Ralph is one that is front and centre this year: either he delivers or he will be expedited. For him to be an elite receiver, the consistency in making the makeable catches has to outshine his circus catch talents. I would also like him to stop the 'get to the sidelines or die" running approach and decide on being the hard-yardage guy turning it upfield that the Simons and Stegalls exemplify.

The defensive backfield has to be upgraded. No doubt.

Most importantly, experience in the coordinator slots. We need teachers who have a clue, can install sound CFL-ready systems, and can get playcalls in during the correct geologic age. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,