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Cato was on Saskatchewan’s negotiation list for some time, @JimPoppGM revealed. #CFL #Alouettes #Riders via @HerbZurkowsky1

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I researched this when Cato signed with the Als. Cato has aspirations to go to the NFL. He went to a NFL tryout and was not signed. Immediately afterwards was the start of Riders' minicamp but he declined the offer.

This must have been the time the Riders dropped him from their neg list. Article I read implied that Cato was only interested in NFL tryouts. Whether there were other reasons for not attending such a fatigue or minor injury is unknown.

His rookie agent next contacted all NFL teams without getting anymore invites. What happened next is the agent likely told Cato the reality of the situation, and he reluctantly decided the CFL was his only option right now. By then, the Als had his rights.

Damn.. wish he was wearing green and white. He's a great prospect. Although likely getting better tutelage in Montreal with the likes of AC around the sidelines.

Well it remains to be seen how good he is. Yes he did play very well in that one game but not having any film on him probably helped his cause too. I thought Smith for us looked very good in preseaon so who know what we have in him.

Only time will tell for any of the new guys as to whether they are the real deal or not. Look at Bo this year, he has struggled in the first two games and I wouldn't be surprised to seem him struggle all year. Yet last year he looked like Warren Moon in his prime. New O line people that are still picking things up isn't helping Bo's issues either and the fact that they seem a bit reluctant to feed Cornish the ball is not keeping defenses honest. Perhaps again the O line isn't doing as good of a job making holes for him but he has been very ineffective so far and so has Bo.