Cato was almost a Rider.

I feel bad now wanting this guy to get injured so that we could finally get a Canadian QB in the league.

[url=] ... -nfl-draft[/url]

Thanks for posting the link.

He certainly is an interesting story., and character it seems.
After watching him play again last night, it would be good to see him succeed in the CFL. He seems to be a talented QB, and the CFL can always use as many of those as it can get.

And while I would also like to see a Canadian QB get a chance to prove himself, I can't go as far as to hope someone gets injured to create that chance. Mind you, given Cato's size, it may happen sooner rather than later. :expressionless:

Riders didn't need Cato. They have Durant, the greatest quarterback to ever play the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey now, don't be trolling those Rider fans. :lol: Even if Durant is injury-prone, at least they have Glenn to tide them over in the short term. It's kind of crazy how Glenn signs with a team and that team immediately loses its starting QB to a season-ending injury. He's got some bad juju for other QBs. :wink:

They found this in Glenn's locker....

hope they find Durant's replacement soon as the learning curve is not a short one.
we have Smith who I'm not totally sold on as he needs quality game playing time and Price who we haven't seen ?

That's a Gumby isn't it HfxTC ?

It's a Durant Voodoo doll.

They found this in his locker room in BC

and this one in Hamilton

The craftsmanship is very similar....

I don't think you have anything in Smith. Personally, I think the coaching staff showed a real lack of patience with Sunseri. He had his first game action just last year, and was both good and bad, as most first time players are. He's back now, but as the #3, he won't get a shot this year. I think Ottawa should have gone after him when he was available.

Sunseri would have pulled off a miracle comeback against the Esks in the playoffs if Rider receivers could catch... He had 3 amazing long passes out right dropped.

Let's not forget what was found in Glenn's locker in Calgary as well :wink:

:lol: Like I said, Glenn is the master of some seriously bad QB juju.